Wind Waker, In First Person, On The Oculus Rift

The prettiest Zelda game, now playable in virtual reality and in a new perspective. Awesome.

As you can see in this video by Chadtronic, unlike the Ocarina demo, this isn’t a proof of concept that’s missing a lot of key elements. You can battle and interact with the world normally, and all the characters are present. There are some slight hiccups, of course, since Wind Waker was never meant to be played in this perspective, but still! It’s neat to watch.

One thing I really appreciate about looking this version of the game is that it gives you a better sense of how tiny Link really is when you wade through the grass or pick a pot up. D’aaw. He’s just a little kid, you know?

Zelda: Wind Waker on Oculus Rift in True First Person [Chadtronic]

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