Yes, You Can Complete Titanfall's Campaigns Without Firing A Shot

Yes, You Can Complete Titanfall's Campaigns Without Firing A Shot

Those who have played it already know this, but for those who haven't, be aware that Titanfall's "campaign" isn't really deserving of the name.

It's there for...I have no idea, actually. Maybe they needed some flimsy sort of narrative to justify future action figures/cartoons/comics books? In terms of what it brings to the game, it offers very little , subjecting you to a number of regular multiplayer matches whose only difference is a few visual effects and some boring narration.

Figuring that "war is hell, but walking is nice", reader Tony decided to see if he could finish the entire Militia campaign without firing a shot. Which he duly did.

Sure, we've seen this sort of thing before; Call of Duty will usher you through a stage as a passenger, though in that case at least you're moving forwards through something. As you'll see from Tony's footage, Titanfall doesn't even bother with that.

Since you're simply playing standard multiplayer matches with some icing on top, the game doesn't care what you're doing, so long as everyone else around you is doing their thing as well. As he'd be kicked for inactivity if he simply stood there, Tony decided to "go for some nice walks". He gets shot by others, sure, but on his end, he maintains a stoic vigil of pacifism.

You know what, now we've seen this, I wonder what it would look like if all twelve players in a campaign refused to fire a shot. Just all those grunts, strolling around the map by themselves, kicking robots and grunting things to nobody in particular...


    "It’s there for…I have no idea, actually"..... ahh maybe its there for......."playing standard multiplayer matches with some icing on top"

    Whats wrong with that? Sounds like youre not a fan of the game Luke.

      I've completed one side of the campaign. Totally not motivated to go back and do the other side to do the same matches again with a different voiceover.

        Its not just a different voiceover. Its a different side to the story and it has different in game cinematics going on that are actually pretty cool.

        The fact that it unlocks the other titans for your custom loadouts is enough reason to play both sides in campaign mode.

        That said... It's a complete joke.

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      Not at all, it sounds like he is questioning the validity of a multiplayer with a faux campaign aspect.

      You want to know what someone who isn't a fan of the game would say?
      This game is one of the most overhyped and boring shooters I have seen on the market to date. The exciting aspects of the game seem to lose all their shine quickly and respectable attention to level design is far from being a saving grace when the game devolves in to the lazy mans arcade shooter.
      A chocolate covered turd is still a turd.

    This game has the potential for a truly awesome singleplayer campaign if they had the budget and time for it.

    Played through most of one side last night. Enjoyed it as much as I enjoy any of the normal multiplayer games, maybe even a little bit more because of the cinematic events happening every once and a while.

    I managed to drop my Titan on another Titan, which was awesome! That round I finished with 6 titan kills, which for me is a lot. Really enjoying this game.

      Budget wouldn't have been an issue, Time yes. (Also need to factor in that this is made by former COD devs , who believe no one (in the majority) plays FPS single player (to the end at least).

    Im so addicted to this game I cant stop playing it all day I play, please someone help me

      I'll jump in and help you out buddy....NOOOOOOOooooooo MY TITAN IS READY!!!

        "Command Authenticated. Stand-by for Titanfall... SHEEEEEEEEWEW BOOOOOOM!!!!"

    It's a campaign of a game who's primary means of existence is mutiplayer, so what were you expecting? The CoD campaigns are also boring. And the Halo 4 campaign? Jeezus, I actually fell asleep during the last level.

      You sir, have no love for Cortana...

        What do you expect? The great story games have come a gone. Those of us who played the original Final Fantasy's, Chronotrigger, Halo 1 through 3 (and ODST), Eternal Darkness, the first couple Fables, the Half-Life series, any Fear game before WB fouled it with their touch, Morrowind, etc. know what the value of a good story is to a game and how it gives us something to be a part of and a motivation to fight in whatever fictional conflict it focuses on. Those of us who have followed Halo over the past decade grew attached to the characters and felt loss for Cortana because the story immersed us and made us a part of their world.

        But the kids these past few years have been spoiled by straight-to-action and purely-multiplayer games with little or no actual story or plot, and they have no patience for exposition to learn why they are fighting and what the stakes are beyond one team wins and the other loses, so, to them, it's just a game, not a part of their world.

        I hope that this isn't a developing trend in games. We have spent many years trying to convince legislators, classification boards, and people outside the sphere of modern gaming that games are no longer just for children and are an art-form just as much as a books, music, and movies and should be treated as such because they have the ability to inspire and/or evoke an emotional response from the players. Removing the aspect of a coherent story and plot from games and reducing them to little more than multiplayer shoot-and-kill-fests turns that entire argument moot and takes away any genuine artistic merit beyond "oh, well the scenery is artistic."

          Nice self-serving bias you have there.

          * Bioshock 1 - Infinite
          * Amnesia TDD & MFP
          * Dishonored
          * The Wolf Among Us
          * Shadowrun
          * The Walking Dead
          * Dark Souls
          * Ni No Kuni
          * LA Noire
          * The Last of Us

          Christ mate, I could go on and on. There is an absolute plethora of games with great storylines available, you have no basis for your complaint. Straight up action games definitely have their place as well, but they are by no means dominant in the market. The only real irritating trend in gaming is the propensity for gamers to have a salty outburst every time something doesn't go their way. Save the complaining for the truly terrible games.

          Great story games like Halo 1-3?

          They are a story arc that is poorly written melodramatic bad space opera that is only slightly better than the Star Wars prequels. We've always had terrible / non-existent writing in games, and there are always a few games around that transcend this and actually provide us with meaningful characters and plot. Just like movies and tv both give us a spread of disposable garbage and great entertainment.

          Some games and genres, it's pretty much guaranteed you won't get a plot. That doesn't mean they still can't be fun. That said, I love to sink my teeth into a game with a well-crafted plot and interesting characters with depth. (And yeah, Halo isn't that.)

    I just hit level 50 so have played a bit.
    I often choose the campaign as in my opinion it joins the best two game modes, attrition and hard point, in various maps and also gives you a bit of a breather for a chat with your mates in party between games.
    I agree we have not much idea what the story is about and don't really pay attention but it moves along smoothly and does not seem to get in the way of anything.

      The only problem I had with the campaign was that there is only 9 maps instead of the 15. rank 47 now, do you get anything for prestiging?

    I would have liked the campaign mode so much more if you actually had to win matches (or key matches) to progress through it. I played the militia campaign and got soundly thrashed in every single match - it wasn't even close. The final speech about never giving up and beating the IMC sounded almost sarcastic after being killed by them so frequently. An option to replay the levels at least would allow me to try and salvage some sense of accomplishment.

    The thing I dislike about the campaign is that it doesn't matter at all whether you win or lose. The next mission is narrated in an identical way. I wouldn't have thought it would be too much effort to change some of the narration to match the outcome of your previous missions, they could easily put you in the same match as people on other paths, who would know? They wouldn't have to change the missions at all, just some of the voice overs. I was crushing as the IMC just to hear the voice over tell me that the resistance had achieved their goal anyway. bleh.

    I like the titanfall campaign, sure an actual single player campaign would have been fantastic, but I can understand why they chose not to make one. and the campaign we have does a really good job of doing what it's supposed to do, it gives context to the maps and mechanics, with a little bit of narrative woven in as well.

    I think it would have been better if it had run through all the maps in the game, or had small changes depending on whether you win or lose, but in the end it does what it's meant to do.

    I expected a lot from this game but it sadly not only looks but also at times feels like call of duty there's even still the typical call of duty player base I.E hordes of six year olds. Their are great things in aspects of how Titan fall plays but it lacks a proper story and as someone who loves a good single player campaign I feel that for me at least Titan fall is missing something huge and it's not just story.

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