Titanfall's Backstory, Summarised In One Minute

So that's why the Titan classes are called Ogre, Stryder and Atlas! Lore's here to summarise Titanfall's background story with a huge amount of references.

LORE Titanfall Lore in a Minute [YouTube]


    Came hear psyched to read an article on Titanfall's backstory, saw the video, remembered I was on Kotaku... Oh well, at least there are no Giffs.

      Why would you think a story called titanfalls backstory in one minute would be an article?

    Sounds like a severely generic scifi story...

      Careful... You wouldn't want to upset the titanfall-owers.

        I'm so very keen to start playing Titanfall tomorrow, and he's total right: It IS generic. But it's better than most FPS games so I'm not fussed. Plus, it gives a bit more depth to some of the characters involved, especially on the Militia side.

          Honestly, it's not like the story really matters. They've put as much effort into the story as it realistically *needs*. It's soldiers in big mechs fighting each other competitively. But, it's the story that realistically, makes the most sense I guess. I'm getting it on the pc eventually, not right now but soon, as it does look like a lot of fun I'll admit.

      Story? For multiplayer FPS? You buy them to shoot things in the face, not for the story.

        Indeed, but it still has a story in there, so it deserves to be commented upon. Though it appears it's had as much effort put into it as my final tafe assignment...

    As someone who is installing Titanfall as we speak, I am okay with admitting the story is a bit shit.

    Playing Titanfall right now. I alt-tabbed for a few minutes. It is awesome. I care not if the story sounds exactly like a dozen others. For some reason people still go watch America Explodes the World in 3D for $20 all the damn time and nobody feels the need to point out that the story is derivative or unoriginal.

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