Titanfall’s Backstory, Summarised In One Minute

So that’s why the Titan classes are called Ogre, Stryder and Atlas! Lore’s here to summarise Titanfall‘s background story with a huge amount of references.

LORE Titanfall Lore in a Minute [YouTube]


  • Came hear psyched to read an article on Titanfall’s backstory, saw the video, remembered I was on Kotaku… Oh well, at least there are no Giffs.

      • I’m so very keen to start playing Titanfall tomorrow, and he’s total right: It IS generic. But it’s better than most FPS games so I’m not fussed. Plus, it gives a bit more depth to some of the characters involved, especially on the Militia side.

        • Honestly, it’s not like the story really matters. They’ve put as much effort into the story as it realistically *needs*. It’s soldiers in big mechs fighting each other competitively. But, it’s the story that realistically, makes the most sense I guess. I’m getting it on the pc eventually, not right now but soon, as it does look like a lot of fun I’ll admit.

      • Indeed, but it still has a story in there, so it deserves to be commented upon. Though it appears it’s had as much effort put into it as my final tafe assignment…

  • As someone who is installing Titanfall as we speak, I am okay with admitting the story is a bit shit.

  • Playing Titanfall right now. I alt-tabbed for a few minutes. It is awesome. I care not if the story sounds exactly like a dozen others. For some reason people still go watch America Explodes the World in 3D for $20 all the damn time and nobody feels the need to point out that the story is derivative or unoriginal.

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