Forget About Titanfall Ever Coming To PlayStation [Update]

" link="lightbox" size="xlarge" align="center" nocrop="true" clear="true"] In a conference call to investors, Electronic Arts' Blake Jorgensen just said that Titanfall is, "for the life of the title," exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. So the game is not a timed exclusive to Microsoft platforms. Titanfall's Microsoft exclusivity has been well known since the title was announced at E3 but it was never definitively said that Respawn Entertainment wouldn't build some version for Sony consoles.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Xbox Live spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb avoided a question about the possibility of such a port. "As far as being an exclusive that's really a question for Titanfall — I'm not worried about it though," Hryb said.

UPDATE - While Titanfall is a Microsoft exclusive, don't bank on future games being part of the same deal.

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    That's a bit of a bummer, it looks good, hopefully it's still has an active community when i decide to buy an Xbone.

      The inevitable Titanfall 2 will be multi-platform, EA loves money too much. I'll have to enjoy this rad looking game on PC, which means I will forever enjoy this rad looking game on PC... sorry PS4.

        Not unless Sony provides a better server network environment for Respawn to use.

        The limitation isn't because of code, exclusivity or contractual agreements.

        It's the dedicated network server environment that MS are providing which is key here. I've no doubt unless Sony step up to provide a similar dedicated server network for developers, you won't see Titanfall there anytime soon.

        I've no doubt Respawn would love to release on the PS4, but without the dedicated server support for what's a 'multiplayer only' game, then there's no point.

          Have you got actual evidence the reason Respawn went Xbox One exclusive is dedicated server infrastructure? Do you also have clairvoyance to know that Sony aren't delivering dedicated server infrastructure?

          Or did Titanfall go exclusive because of a deal between EA and Microsoft.... As Vince Zampella details here;

            Well obviously a deal makes it exclusive. But the exclusivity allows it to be a better game as it has that hardware and network structure to use.

    I hate exclusives so damn much. I feel sorry for people missing out on this as I feel sorry for myself missing out on The Last of Us and other Sony exclusives. In saying that I know why they do it so meh

      You can't begrudge Sony owned and operated development studios only releasing Playstation exclusives, it's their only true edge over Xbox. I do agree though, buying 3rd party exclusives is an annoyance.

        Especially when you consider the vast amount of money it must have cost MS to get this exclusive at launch and then even vaster amount of money it would have cost them on top of that to get it exclusive for good. If it's anything like what they paid for timed exclusivity of that GTA4 DLC on 360 then they could have easily developed a brand new exclusive AAA IP for that kind of money. Then everybody wins - they get a good exclusive and the gaming world gets a high quality game it would otherwise not have. Buying exclusivity on 3rd party titles is just pouring money down a hole - it doesn't actually create anything.

          Couldn't agree more. It's hideously unsustainable, has no proven tangible benefit and just ends up bad for the investors of the company involved (usually MS). It was actually one of the business bungles of last gen MS paying a reported $50 million for two pieces of timed DLC that really didn't sell amazingly, let alone sell consoles.

          Microsoft are full of shit; Speaking in an interview, Aaron Greenberg, director of product management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, responded to a question regarding 'a Sony exec' stating that the Xbox 360's exclusive content coming to the PS3 as follows:

          "It's not possible as far as I'm aware, but that would be a good question to ask Rockstar. Rockstar and Xbox have only said there are exclusive episodes coming this fall to Xbox 360. I might put that up for a bit of wishful thinking on their end."

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    Forza 5 and Titanfall exclusive makes me want a X1 but I don't want to pay for xbox live. Will just buy PC version.

      Same boat/Same reasons. Will Buy on PC.

        It will look better, play smoother and have better controls on PC.

          Graphics maybe but controls I dunno these FPs games now are being made to run specifically for the controller case in point Titanfall is being specifically designed with console in mind PC is just a convenient afterthought, if you don't agree with me explain why all the COD games suck on PC since Mw2??

          Hahaha Ps4 is a gaming console?
          #whatgames #noAAA

          depending on the actual PC of course. Plenty of PCs are piles of junk.

      God damn I wish they'd bring Forza to PC. I don't want to have to buy an Xbox for one game like I did with the 360.

        Aren't there other racing sim options on PC, though, like iRacing? Project CARS looks OK, too, although I don't know how far away it is from being finished. Wouldn't they do the job just as well as Forza?

          My sim racing needs are catered for just fine on PC, I want Forza for my arcade racing fix.

    I was one of those people who was sure it was a timed exclusive. Massive blow to the PS4 in my opinion (though I always planned to pick it up on PC).

    Eh, I'm not that interested anyway. If I were, I'd get it on PC.

    But don't forget about the $399 Collector's Edition!

    Or do forget, because that's just nuts.

    Wha does "for the life of the title" actually mean? Does "title" mean just the first game or a trilogy of games or the entire franchise? Does it mean just vanilla Titanfall and not a Game of the Year edition?

    And what does "life" mean? Is it the life of its launch window (3 months), or its life as a full-priced game before being placed under a Classics or Essential brand (12 months)? Could "life" mean until Titanfall 2 comes out (which, given the multiplayer-only nature of the game and the split in the player base is unlikely)?

    It's been said before - if Titanfall was a solid, forever-locked to Microsoft exclusive, MS would have been saying so the minute people even hinted "Game of E3" and "killer app".

    I remember when MASS EFFECT was only ever going to be on the Xbox...

      Although that was when it was published by MS. Ironically, it was when EA took over Bioware that it went multiplatform.

      Wouldn't surprise me to to see Titanfall 2 on PS4, though.

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        Indeed, so things can change, and wierder things have happened. Not saying it WILL, just saying never say never.

        Yeah. I was going to say exactly that. Titanfall is Microsoft exclusive but Titanfall 2: Falling Harder could just as easily be PS4 exclusive.

        Exactly, like Dark Souls, Joe Danger,Trials Evolution and countless others

    Pc here I come, One of these games is going to cook my CPU be it Battlefield 4 or Titan fall.

    Titanfall or Destiny?

      DESTINY man! I am bummed Titanfall wont be coming to PS4 but I am pumped for Destiny to finally drop.

      And here's the problem with these online shooters... the time investment required to get anywhere in them is HUGE. Which means I only really have time for one of them. That used to be COD, these days it's Battlefield. It's going to take something pretty major to get me away from BF, and I can't see either of those games doing it. I'll buy other FPS's for the single player (e.g. Killzone and Far Cry), but to find the hundreds of hours to sink into multiplayer I'd probably have to give up Battlefield. And I love Battlefield.

        Yeah. There's also a bit of an unknown element to it. I really didn't think I'd get that into Gears of War multiplayer but I absolutely loved it. If Titanfall or Destiny pulled that sort of magic I could potentially drop Battlefield 4, but at the same time there are plenty of games that looked awesome until I played them online. If you go off the feature list Shadow Run and BioShock 2's multiplayer modes sound like they could be fun forever, but they were both pretty so-so when I got my hands on them.
        It's so unpredictable, especially with something that introduces a new angle. It can look and sound super exciting and then you realise the super action packed gameplay footage isn't how people actually play it. Less of a lightsaber duel and more just swinging randomly at your opponent.
        Then there's BF4 which is Battlefield. It may rank higher or lower but I know I'm going to love it.

    Looking at screenshots from the XB1 vs PS4, this console round I am jumping ship. I always had a love/hate thing with my 360, I'm migrating to PC and PS4 this time round. This is the only exclusive on XB1 that I really care about, but I'll just play it on PC and pick up other titles on the PS4.

    I don't think I would of got it on PS4 if I was released on the console anyway. I could find it much cheaper through cd key stores and such on the pc. Even then I won't touch it till it gets cheaper. BF4 is my priority for the next few months and RIFT is free to play now, that'll take up a lot of my time.

    It happened with Mass Effect on the Xbox360. Ps4 will get it eventually.

      They’ll just get ‘Titanfall 2: Titan Fell’ or something similar but it will probably be at least 2.5 years away you’d think.

      The PS3 would have never received Mass Effect if it wasn’t a crucial chunk of an RPG trilogy, and even then it sucked ass for PS gamers to get it 5 years after the original release and 7 months after the trilogy had finished.

      I’d doubt Titanfall is going to have some kind of riveting story that’s going to be make it worth going back to after Titanfall 2 is released.

    who cares that game looks hella bad

    Quick question... which games are XBone exclusives, which are PS4 exclusives and are any of them not coming out on PC?
    I've always been a member of the master race but it sounds like the consoles are making our case for us this generation....

    Right now it looks like Killzone, Forza, Destiny and Klank will be titles not coming to PC. Not exactly enough to lure me to buy a console... Destiny maybe but being made by COD people makes me think it will come to PC pretty quickly.

      Destiny is being made by Bungie (i.e. Halo people). Titanfall is the one made by former COD people.

        No idea how I got the two websites mixed up. Must have gone to the titanfall one directly after the destiny one...

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    pretty rough, but not surprising. EA + Microsoft + money = bad news for us gamers

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