Four Beautiful Courses From Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is sleek as heck. Here's some new footage from the upcoming Wii U game, which is out on May 30. Also you can listen to us talk (always a blast). Here's the game running at 60 frames per second:


    This is so cool! Is what I would say if this wasnt the 50th mario re-iteration of the last 5 years.

      Please go back to IGN you stupid kiddie.

        You insulting him doesn't make him any less right.

          Thats true. I shouldnt feed the trolls but i just get pissed off at that type of comment.
          seen it all the time by little kiddies who havnt even played it yet dissrespect it.
          There was a article about dayz and even that got flammed by stupid kids like this guy above.

            Its not illegal to dislike a game mate. You are so far up yourself I'm surprised you can type these comments

            Last edited 04/04/14 8:44 pm

              Exept he exagerates it to 50 games a year.
              not only that there are huge game play differences.
              i have nothing agains people having opinions but his is just stupid.
              How does that make me up myself?

                I honestly cant take anything you say seriously with your serious lack of proper grammar, He does not like the game, its not illegal to not like a game, Get off your high horse and get the hell over it, How does him not liking the game affect you in any way at all?

                And you are up yourself, like most fan boys, if someone has an opinion of a game different to yours, You immediately jump down their throats calling them kids and various other insults for no apparent reason. He is entitled to his opinion

                He does not like the game, get over it, insulting him aint gonna change that. Its only gonna enforce the opinion that Nintendo fans boys are up themselves.

                Last edited 05/04/14 1:33 am

                  Im not even.going to bother arguing with you.
                  as i said below why im jot using grammar.

                  Oh dear. Please don't comment on the grammar of others when you don't even know when to use a capital letter.

            What makes you automatically assume he is a kid?

            Plenty of adults (myself included) did not grow up with Nintendo consoles, don't have any nostalgia for it and feel that Nintendo milks the same tired franchise again and again. In fact I cannot recall any time they have produced any new, vibrant characters since the ones they introduced on the NES/SNES/N64 (such as Mario/Luigi, the Kongs, Starfox, Banjo Kazooie, Zelda). All of the in-house games have just been expansions and upgrades featuring them. I can recognise that they are still good games mind you (though not my cup of tea), but I find them thematically boring.

            Last edited 04/04/14 11:13 pm

              The game play has changed nearly every time.
              take.mario galaxy and compare it to the new wiiu one. Or take zelda and compare it to any others in the series.
              theres nothing wrong as long as its fresflh.
              i didnt say yoi needed nostalgia to enjoy them i finished half life last year and i loved it and i had no nostalgia and its the same for deus ex.
              but i didnt knock them or say there being milked.

              excuse my grammar im using a small phone and can hardly write this.

              Wonderful 101? Pikmin? Two seconds of thinking came up with those... I could think of more but I have things to do this morning :)

        He doesn't like the game. And in my experience, people who aren't massive fans of Nintendo games do think they release to many 'familiar faces'. I myself do like Nintendo games, and as great as this looks and as excited I am for it, I have to say sometimes it does feel like that sometimes. Sure he's being a bit of a troll about it, but he didn't call you names.

        He voiced his opinion. You voiced an attack; it doesn't speak well for the maturity of someone calling someone a 'kiddie' because you don't agree with his opinion.

      Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what you DO think is cool, eltial. Put yourself out there ;)

      The last console version came out over five years ago, there has never been two on the same console, and we've had just eight games in twenty two years. I have no idea why people are so quick to have a go at Nintendo's iteration when they clearly are the least offensive publisher. No other racing series is even close in the terms of release restraint.

      It's not like it's a yearly series. Each Nintendo console gets a single Mario Kart release. And even when they're average, they are still fun. Plus now that Mario Kart has competition in the form of SEGA's Sonic All Stars Racing and its sequel should make this next iteration of Mario Kart rather interesting!

        yet no one bats an eyelid when a COD game is released bi-annually (slight exaggeration).

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