I Can't Say Enough About The Majula Theme From Dark Souls II

Video: There's so much space; it's so beautiful, and mournful, and still. The Emerald Herald, standing by a bonfire and overlooking the sea. A lost knight with his head in his hands. And somewhere... a bunch of pigs waiting to kill you.


    Definitely my favourite track from the game!

    On the topic of DS2 music, Miracle of Sound has released their DS2 track: http://miracleofsound.bandcamp.com/track/fires-far

    This music has become so synonymous with feelings of calm, relaxation and safety. I think it'll be a good choice for pre-sleep listening!

    Love it!! Not really a fan of the series but the soundtrack I could listen to over and over and I think I need to get it.

    Currently listening to the Black Flag soundtrack, it sure makes driving to work exciting that's for sure!

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