Peter Molyneux On Xbox One

Briefly: "It feels like an unnecessary add-on... I'm sure they're going to release an Xbox One without Kinect. It would be unthinkable that they wouldn't." Game designer and programmer Peter Molyneux, in an Edge interview with multiple industry personalities about the Xbox One's future.


    Peter Molyneux, is he really even relevant anymore?

      About as relevant as Kinect to most of us, I suppose :P

        Am I the only one who sits in front of the KINECT naked in bad positions hoping Microsoft is spying and gets grossed out?

          Yes, you are. But don't let that stop you - keep fighting the good (gross) fight!

        I actually lol'd :oP

          Although in fairness to Molyneux, he can at least point to a time in the past when he WAS relevant :P

    One thing kinect is amazing for is skype. Especially group skype. Big TV and a camera that auto focuses to fit everyone in the room in. Plus it allows online streaming to have video. But I guess these are only cool camera functions.... hmm

    He might not be relevant anymore, but doesnt mean he is wrong.

    Peter is spot on here. The Kinect is a Gimmick.
    Developers are not interested in developing for Kinect, Gamers are not really interested in Kinect and it adds extra costs onto a console that will eventually start to ignore the Kinect in the future once MS realise its a waste of money.

      People need to forget about Kinect and games.

      Microsoft cares more about Kinect in relation to it's other functionality.

      - Skype (it's the only way I Skype now, refuse to Skype on any other device. Can't go back)
      - Face detection/login (makes life way easier with multiple users in the house)
      - Gesture control
      - Voice control
      - Streaming/Video upload voice overs and self broadcasting

      The gaming stuff is a bonus at this point. If a game uses it, great, if it doesn't no one cares. I doubt even Microsoft does.

      If you're still waiting for Kinect to have it's existence justified by a game, then you're doing it horribly wrong, because unless Dance Central 4 comes out, it won't happen for most.

        Also; I don't know why people want Microsoft to drop the Kinect-pack-in when PS4 camera sales have been increasing. Xbox One owners don't have to worry about that at all.

        'Tis also hypocritical, when the PS3 was released, that the high price was because "the PS3 is better." Now that Microsofts console is the higher price it means "that Microsoft is ripping people off." Anyone who looks closely at both console can see that the PS4 is made with cheap plastic, too. There's more to a quality product than the mobo.

        This console generation is the cheapest in history.

          No, instead, Xbox owners have to worry about what lies MS will tell today, or how will they manipulate you today.

          Fact is, Sony are renown for Developing very efficient and trust worthy hardware. PS4 is not made from cheap blah blah blah. You know what. Your an Xbone fanboy I get it, its a handicap.
          But to say ps4 is made cheap shows me and many others that xbone fanboys will say anything.

          Ive got a PS4, and Ive touch my PS4 to know it doesnt not feel or look cheap. You havent got a PS4, or you wil say you have but dont.
          Ive actually seen and held my mates Xbone and it felt cheap and looks cheap. It can go both ways.

      By that logic siri is a gimmick, and so is the camera on your phone.

        Yes, Siri IS a Gimmick, it isnt needed.
        But the Camera on the phone is not a Gimmick. Cameras are needed these days. They capture moments in our life and its essential to have and everyone wants a camera on their phones.

        But Kinect IS not needed and it became clear last gen that no one was really interested in Kinect, but MS still forced it.

          For photography it is. So we can see, then, that something is only a gimmick if your imagination is unable to find a use for it.

          After calibration. Kinect 2.0 Voice recognition is excellent. Facial recognition is excellent (signs me in every time). Though the hand-gesture response is too slow.

          And I have one of these for peace of mind. Blocks all camera/IR functions, even when the Kinect 2.0 is on. I've had an estimated 1% failure rate for voice recognition, and I think that was my own pronunciation.

    Funny this coming from the guy who demo'd Milo all those years back.

    Wasn't he super into the original Kinect, and then did nothing with it?

      Yeah, he was still working for Microsoft in those days :P

      He did that Milo tech demo thing at the original Kinect announcement which ended up not turning into anything.

      I think he was super into the idea and then found the execution to be pretty lacking.

    I'm sorry Peter Molyneux, all your comments are void.

    I hope he is right, because the day they sell a Kinect less bundle is the day i buy an Xbox One.

    *Xbox One is Oculus Rift ready.

    Edit - damn, the Oculus Development Kit 2 has it's own sensor tech (which is awesome.) Still plenty of ports to use - including the Kinect 2.0 port (with a splitter)

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    There isn't a reason not to sell the XBone without the Kinect... and then sell it as a standalone if people change their minds. Some people want it, some don't. I bought the camera as an addon with my PS4 because I wanted it.

      The camera for your PS4 will never be well supported, Sony are terrible at supporting optional accessories. Like the Eyetoy, PSeye, PlayTV. It's a different story when something is in the box from day one, and every owner has one.

        Don't forget the PS Move

        I bought 4 of those and what a waste they were

        You may be right. My point is that it's being sold as a combo, when not everybody wants one. Kind of like a burger with a drink. It's very possible to sell a burger without a drink, and they should.

        Yep with support like this who would not want Kinect,

        Ryse: Son of Rome was originally revealed as Codename: Kingdoms during Microsoft's E3 2010 press conference, along with the announcement that the game was being developed by Crytek. During the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2011, Ryse was announced among other Xbox 360 exclusive titles however as a Kinect only title. The announcement entailed a pre-rendered trailer with minor gameplay footage.[2]

        In June 2012, Phil Spencer, corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, maintained that the game was still in development. When asked whether it was still a video game, Spencer replied "Kinect can't be a part of the game, absolutely", leading to speculation that it was no longer for Kinect.[3]

        In May 2013, after the announcement of the Xbox One, Ryse was confirmed to be an exclusive for the new console.[4] In June 2013 at the E3 Microsoft Conference, Crytek showed a gameplay video. Kinect is no longer part of the active battle but has a diminished role by providing squad commands through speech and gesture.

        The developers claim to have drawn much of the inspiration for the game's combat and tactics from "...the innumerable Roman campaigns that led to the modern concept of total war". Fifteen hero level characters were given full motion capture with the same detail as Marius.[5]

        Seriously it should have always been an option, not a $100 brick for those that don't want to use it.

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          Considering something like the Logitech Skype camera is $200, I don't think $50 more for the camera is a rip off. If people actually used it instead of being stubborn shits they'd learn it's great.

          Lets also not forget, $599 for an Xbox One with Titanfall, while any game packages with the PS4 are $614, with no camera.

          Also my friend who is a Fifa nut was shouting the commands at it absolutely loving the on the fly commands. His missus bought him a PS4 with the camera, he got Fifa, no voice commands. See what happens when we use one game as an example?

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            Regardless of whether or not it's great it should not be forced on people, it should be optional.

            Also arguably the biggest release (and exclusive) for the Xbox One, does not even use Kinect at all.


            As i said in an above post, ill buy an Xbox One when they sell a Kinect less bundle, not before.

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              I bought it based on it being a part of the kit always going forward, and not an abandoned optional accessory. Lets not forget people have always been sceptical of new technology.

              "The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a 'mouse'. There is no evidence that people want to use these things" - John C. Dvorak

            Your a typical Xbone fanboy. You like Kinect so everyone else has to like it aswell. Sorry buddy but it dont work like that.

            The Gaming Community made up their mind last gen that they dont want Kinect. MS have literally ignored the Gaming Community and went the opposite direction by forcing Kinect.
            Plus the reason why Kinect for Xbone isnt popular is because we have used Kinect and dont like it.

            Yh,$599 for Xbone Titanfall bundle with a game that is charged at full price for half the content and looks like a last gen game with a Console that is far more weaker then the PS4 and your forced to spend an extra $100 on a Gimmick(Kinect) that is not needed and most dont want to own.

            $614 for the PS4 Infamous Bundle that comes with a great game that looks like a Current Gen game, you also get a Console that is far more powerful then Xbone and your not forced to spend $100 on accessories. Plus PS4 owners dont have to worry about Sony, we know Sony looks after its user base.

            So Im happy to spend that extra cash cause I know Sony will look after us and give us great Games.

            Now why would Voice commands in Fifa matter. We have been playing Fifa games for the past many years, so i dont think anyone is missing a thing by not using kinect.

            Its starting to get annoying to just talk to xbox fanboys. Your blind hope for the Xbone amazes me.
            MS is treating its consumers like Wallets and with complete disrespect.
            For example Phil Spencer fully support the Direction MS were taking the Xbone at the Reveal event. For months after he defended it with a passion. But now he is saying he knew from the start that it was a bad idea, blah blah blah blah.
            Sounds like the exact same PR tactics MS have been using since the reveal. Feed its brainless users bulls$#t cause MS knows their User base and how they work. MS treats its users the way they do because they have figured out by now Xbone fanboys are dumb or just dont want to believe the facts.

            MS are gonna need to bring their guns to e3 this year, cause Sony arent taking chances. Sony wants its dominance back from its PS1-2 era, amd Ill take a Wild guess that Sony have some very very brilliant stuff and strategies up their sleeves to be shown throughout the year and years too come.
            For example, people are more excited for Uncharted 4 then anything MS has teased or announced.

              I want an all in one gaming and media device. Sony don't offer that, Microsoft do. Sony ALMOST offered it last gen, but just couldn't be bothered maintaining it, for me, and those like me, Sony haven't looked after us at all. You might think that Microsoft need to backflip on the whole Kinect thing to keep you happy, but think about the fact that everyone who bought in and trusted them so far will no longer trust them.

              I also hazard you've never used Kinect, fantastic voice recognition, you can control pretty much the entire console with it, TV channels (if I didn't have PlayTV), volume, etc. Video quality with Skype is fantastic also.

              Not to mention Titanfall is the most fun game I've played in a long long time. Sure it has teething bugs, but nothing in comparison to Battlefield or COD. I haven't played a game this fast paced since old school UT and Quake. They even put up servers in Aus for us the week of launch, while we're still months away from local Azure being up and running.

              You strike me as the type that hate Microsoft for charging a subscription, but then love Sony because they give you a free game with theirs, even after they slammed Microsoft for it last gen and said it would always be free on Playstation. How about you stop being a foot stomping gamer, determined that you JUST WANT TO GAME on a console and nothing else, and give something new a go? You might just want to game, that's great, but if consoles don't adapt to be all in one, they'll die, because the media only devices are starting to game...

              Oh and universal apps for WP, Windows and Xbone? Fuck yes!

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                Just gonna say that I had Xbone for a few months while waiting for ps4 to come into stock, so I have used Kinect. Its allright, but I prefer the controller.

                But Im not gonna bother. You have showed me the dellusions of an Xbone fanboyand its becoming annoying and tedious. You need to jump on the internet before you run your mouth, cause Your info is false.

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              If you don't like Xbox, then why did you buy one?

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        The Eyetoy was a Commercial success for PS2, the PlayTV was supported by Sony and it works well to this day. Atleast Sony doesnt force us to have something that isnt needed.

        But the PS Move had Great reviews, issue was that it was released too late into the generation to garner any interest from the gaming community. But the Move worked extremely well from my experience.

          I have a PlayTV. It has had two updates since I bought it at launch, a complete lack of bug fixes, and works appallingly with a PS3 slim after my phat died. I've tested side by side, they work flawlessly with phat, but not with slim. Not surprising since there hasn't been an update since before the slim was released. They don't even sell them anymore.

          Last edited 10/04/14 9:48 pm

            Just gotta get this off my chest but I think your simply not a fan of the PS brand in General cause alot of what you just said is innacurate..

            Ive had Play TV since launch, and its had 8 Software Updates since launch.
            Play TV was buggy at launch but by the 3rd update, I stopped having any issues with my Play Tv, sames goes for my bros and mates Play TV.
            I still use Play TV too this day and havent had any issues since Update 3 or 4.

            And Play TV is still sold in most Video Games Retailers cause I see new play tvs being sold in JB and EB.

              PlayTV is my only TV tuner, it's an absolute bag of shit, Sony have abandoned it. They don't sell it in JB, DSE or EB here anymore. I can watch TV with it, but recording is a joke. I was a PS fanboy last gen, until the PlayStation became more and more disconnected services. I didn't even get a 360 until the slim, while I had the original 40gb PS3.

              As I said, works flawlessly on any phat I plug it into, any slim I plug mine, or my mothers into rewinding live TV will freeze at some point, as well as playing back recordings. I'd still happily be using it with my phat, if Sony didn't have the exact same issue as early Xbox 360's, without any of the consumer backlash in YLOD.

    I use the shit out of my Kinect. Voice commands are such a good idea. I don't care about game intergration but if it's smooth I will use it, like in Ryse, you can say some commands. I don't mind paying extra for it

      x2 on this. I seriously don't care about it for games, but it's fantastic for media and UI navigation.

    Considering the Xbox360 cost $649.95 at launch here in Australia. $599 is a bargain for the whole kit & caboodle.

    The plastic IS cheap on the PS4, in comparison to the Xbox One. "Discussing" the pros' & cons' of console hardware (or any items for that matter) is just that. And I think to defend your purchase by any means neccesary is really the definition of fanboy...

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