Nine Things You Might Not Know About Disney Movies

Disney movies have been around for a long time — which means they have a rich history. Chances are good that even if you grew up watching them, you still don’t know everything there is to know about Disney movies.

BuzzFeedVideo brings us a bunch of Disney fun facts that you might find interesting, like:

  • Who Ariel and Aladdin are modelled after
  • How The Lion King was originally Titled ‘King of The Jungle’ until someone figured out that lions don’t live in jungles
  • What songs were almost cut from The Little Mermaid and The Lion King — one of which went on to win an Oscar
  • How Walt Disney got a very special type of Oscar award
  • What some of the dwarfs in Snow White were almost called
  • How many black spots are in 101 Dalmatians
  • How all the Disney princesses are teenagers — with the exception of Elsa, who is 21. Weird!

Mostly, I’m taken aback by the fact Aladdin is supposed to look like Tom Cruise. I watched that movie nearly every day for a few months when I was a kid, but now I’m feeling like movie’s charm has changed for me. Noooooo.

9 Facts About Disney Movies That Will Blow Your Mind [BuzFeedVideo]


  • How all the Disney princesses are teenagers — with the exception of Elsa, who is 21. Weird!

    Elsa is a Queen Anna is the princess and is 18 …nothing wrong with the pattern at all.

    • Well they shoot themselves in the foot… “Bell 17 – 21.” immediately meaning she could be 21. Means this videos as shonky as a used car salesman…

    • Nope. Interviews with the screenwriter/director explained that Elsa is 21 because she wanted Anna to be 18. No reason more than that. Even though it is never stated in the movie 😛

  • Also it’s a video that only uses text to convey it’s message. Why even bother with the Video Medium if you could do it with a Well formatted webpage?

  • I remember reading about the Aladdin thing when the film was released. Knowing about it before he went crazy helps me to continue enjoying the movie now.

    Re what dknight1000 said, if having it in a video meant it not being nine pages of clickbait, I’m happy with that. Plus, that music was pretty snappy.

    • It’s better than 9 pages of click bait, but I’d hardly call 9 pages to provide said information “well formatted” I was thinking more like a Single Page or a Infographic.

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