Seriously, How Are These Real Video Game Graphics?

Seriously, How Are These Real Video Game Graphics?

The people behind Project Cars — a racing game slated for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Wii U this November — say this is all real gameplay footage.

How. What. Let's put this in the "I'll believe it when I see it running on my Wii U" category.


    So the "gameplay" in this game is about choosing camera angles, pans, slow-mo and other cinematic re-play effects?

    How about showing some actual gameplay? I'll believe it looks like a great GAME - a racing game that you can play - when we see something that looks like a racing game, rather a cinematic trailer.

    Anyone else have this feeling from all these teasers we've been seeing? Or am I being too cynical?

      yep, is 0:40, 1:08, 1:11, 1:16, 1:27, 1:34 gameplay?

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      YES it does look like that ingame and handles like a SIMULATION not a racing game but you can turn down realism settings so the average person can play it.

    Slightly misleading, should read "All footage from PC gameplay".

      PC and PS4.

      SMS boss Ian Bell told Eurogamer the footage was captured from both the PS4 and PC versions, with the latter based on a single stock GeForce GTX 680 graphics card.

    I don't understand the header for this article, is it missing the word "good"

      "Seriously, How are these real video game graphics?"
      Other than the fact that in the Header every word is capitalised it's fine.
      Its questioning the Graphic quality versus the actual in game footage compared to reality.

        In a heading sentence, as with an essay, capitalising your words is an acceptable practice :)

    The smoke and rain in all of these project cars trailers doesn't look good to me. The cars look good, but they've been good enough for years now. The tracks need to be dynamic to add realism. Tire marks, grass getting torn up, fans, standing water, trash, etc.

    can't wait to play this, will have Logitech g27 by then

    Yeah, how about showing us a lap from inside the car. You know, the way we actually play racing games.

    Someone here must be on the Beta and can chime in on how this actually pans out in game-play.

    Answering my own request. An in-car lap in the Zonda.

      Ah, there it is!!

      It looks like.......... a racing game. i've played lots of racing games over the years and on many different consoles and I feel like Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit on PS1 was the last time I had fun with a racing game, and also the last time I felt like some developments had taken place that were something over than graphics. Although it was released much earlier than Hot Pursuit, Destruction Derby (also on PS1) was a heap of fun too.

      Basically, after that general era Racing/Driving games have really stagnated in the "fun department", IMO, and the more realistic something aims to be, the more boring it becomes.

      Obviously a personal opinion and there are room for all sorts of driving/racing games, but I personally wish there were more really crazy fun racers which placed emphasis on great feeling physics and handling, damage modelling, and action-centered courses.

    Wow! Awesome graphics with 256 colours!
    ... Oh wait, that's just the header image. So why has the header image been converted to GIF then back to JPEG?
    EDIT: Now it's a gif, which renders my comment invalid

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    Someone needs to come along and knock engine sound out of the park. Imagery is only half the story when it comes enjoying motorsport. It makes trailers like this and the GT6 trailer all the more saddening when you hear them throw in little clips of real car sounds and dream what it'd actually be like to have in game.

    Awesome graphics coming to all the platforms except the WiiU.

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