Project Cars Pushed Back To March 17

Project Cars Pushed Back To March 17

Project Cars — a.k.a. the racing game that you need to squint at to make sure it’s not real life — won’t be coming out next month. It’s being pushed back to March 17, 2015, which is when Slightly Mad Studios’ creation will hit PC, PS4, Wii U and Xbox One.


  • On one hand, that’s kinda disappointing. I was looking forward to this. On the other hand, my wallet won’t be as broke come November.

    On the third hand – and I’m not sure where that came from – maybe the devs thought the game wouldn’t be able to compete with the likes of Forza, DriveClub and The Crew. Everytime I mention this game to someone, they’re like, “Never heard of it.” So maybe it’s for the best.

  • I imagine they’ve held it back to keep working on it, as the date got closer I was expecting something like this to happen. Heading into the game there’s still placeholder art everywhere and, most importantly, career modes still seem rather broken (in that you just spawn into the track without any fanfare or pre-menu, and AI drivers dreither drive slowly in a line (go-kart) or race off without a green light (all other series).

    Not that Valeforxd is out of the ballpark with his thoughts either and given that Assetto Corsa just went feature complete as well it’s probably not the best time to let a weirdly-named, slow-cooked title out into the market. Also, shame on you for mentioning Drive Club 😀

    With all of that said, the actual racing (with a wheel and now with a controller) is absolutely thrilling, so do keep it in your budget for March!

  • We have a new Gran Turismo. Is this game ever coming out? I feel that I’ve been seeing screen shots and videos for years. Oh well, hopefully it’s worth it.

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