Star Trek On Oculus Rift Is The Kind Of Virtual Reality Tourism I Can Get Behind

Chief among the benefits for the incoming age of virtual reality is virtual tourism. The ability to virtually visit places I've never been before, or attend events I otherwise couldn't? That sounds brilliant to me. But imagine you could wander around the decks the USS Voyager from Star Trek — that's the kind of virtual reality tourism I can get behind.

The above demo isn't quite complete yet. It only features the bridge for now but that's enough — I suspect — to get Star Trek fans geeking out. The idea of actually being there. Of being immersed in a space you are familiar with, of having that space between you and the television completely eliminated. That would feel awesome.

Places I need: Tony Montana's mansion, the hotel from The Shining, and The Cantina from Star Wars. Thanks in advance.


    holodecks could actually be a thing too, maybe like musicals or westerns, hell yes!

    From everything I've seen about the Rift so far, this is what really makes me want one.

    The hotel from The Shining. Good call.

    Fine Serrels, I'll build you a VR cantina then.
    Give me a coupla weeks.

    I would love to see the cantina from Star Wars & oh man there are so many things that would be awesome with this kit. I can't think of anything else from a technology perspective that I'm looking forward to more than this.

    This is maybe the second thing or third thing that I have seen now that makes me really want one! And I'm not even a Trekky.

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