The Daily SingTaku

Time for more SingTaku. Can you guess a video game using only the warblings of some sleepy, sedated buffoon?

Well done to Gemini, who dropped by late last night to totally guess that yesterday's SingTaku was Golden Axe. Correct. The song comes from the opening part where you choose your character. Man, Golden Axe was so good in arcades.

Good luck with today's effort friends!

I think this is too easy.

You can totally take part in SingTaku and send in your own entries. The rules are simple: you have to use Vine. Upload your SingTaku to Vine and email me with the embed code! Simple!


    Singtaku? More like hum-and-rock-out-taku, amirite?

    I want to say Banjo Kazooie Gobi Valley theme (albeit a touch out of key)

    But at the same time, the second section kinda mushes together and becomes difficult to pick

    Sounds kinda Monkey Islandesque, like... shanty style. I dunno, could be way off

    Augh, this is frustrating. I recognise the tune, I could even notate the whole friggen thing. It's like a sailor's jig or something, but I have no idea what it's called to even search for it, let alone what game might have featured it.

      I believe it's the Sailor's Hornpipe, so maybe it's from Tales from Monkey Island?

        Thank you :P

        Haven't got around to playing any of the Tales games yet. Hell, haven't even gotten around to finishing Curse yet >_>

    No, wait, it's Booty on the ZX Spectrum,,, isn't it Serrels?

    Pop a Poppler in your mouth,
    When you come to Fishy Joe's,
    What they're made of is a mystery,
    Where they come from, no one knows.
    You can pick 'em, you can lick 'em,
    You can chew 'em, you can stick 'em,
    And if you promise not to sue us,
    You can shove one up your nose.

    I'm going to go with the obvious answer and say Popeye! Did Popeye ever have a game? I'm guessing yes.

      There was definitely an arcade game of popeye, and possibly a game and watch game too.

        There was an atari 2600 game of Popeye!

    Lol it sounds like Angry Birds, but if anyone calls that a classic game I'll launch a giant slingshot at them

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