These Schoolgirls Will Kick Your Head In

These Schoolgirls Will Kick Your Head In

As noted on, the movie's tagline is: "Ever get your arse kicked by a high school girl?"

It seems like these days all fight scenes use CGI and wires. Not High Kick Angels. It's the latest flick from Fuyuhiko Nishi, the director behind High Kick Girl and KG: Karate Girl.

Nishi specialises in martial arts films with schoolgirl characters. And while his flicks are heavy on fan service, the actors train heavily for the fight scenes and don't simply rely on post production trickery to look badass.

High Kick Angles opens this June in Japan.

Rina Takeda, the star of High Kick Girl, recently appeared in a credit card commercial that showed off her martial arts abilities. Here's hoping the stars of High Kick Angels can also kick arse like she can.

女子高生が激烈アクション!「ハイキック・エンジェルス」6月公開 [Eiga]


    I'm being pedantic here, but in the gif, it's a knee to the face and an axe kick to the back of the neck, so technically there is no head-kicking (still vicious though). Respect to all the actors training for this - some of those high kicks are pretty tough to pull off.

    Is it just me or does that choreography look like the guy just made a tactical decision to headbutt her knee instead of following through with the punch?

      I often make a tactical decision to headbutt my blot gels instead of following through with the experiment.

    the choreography is ok but the execution is poor - im not saying the moves arent hard, but if this is a movie, the fight scenes show that its very fake. the girl in the training montage looked more badass than in the movie scene imho.

      Yeah, the acting on the side of the dude wasn't that great, but the girl's was superb: she lifts her arms at the start, bluffing a defence stance against the incoming punch and suddenly attacks with her leg.

    May I ask why Nishi particularly likes to feature schoolgirs performing martial arts in his films? Is this a niche thing, or of mainstream appeal in Japan?

      You can ask, but that just means you won't get it.

      Probably the same reason the West has a lot of movies about children beating the crap out of specially trained agents who seem to become completely inept around kids. Or why the West has a lot of cartoons in which school girls and boys become the saviours of the world or have special powers. Children are just very handy for plots because you can either provide inspiration and hope that one day you can be as cool as the character, or you can make a metaphor about the struggles of growing up.

    I'll take my school girls animated please.

    High Kick Angles opens this June in Japan.

    Now this just got more interesting.

    Ironically a skirt is one of the better battle attire for kicking. The choreograph is actually pretty good considering the speed they are trying to kick at. The full videos shows some better footage than the first few mins of the first one. The grapple moves look quite good.

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