This Week In Games: Trials, Trials, Trials.

Trials Fusion comes out this week. Oh man. My marriage is over. I'll be homeless in two weeks. I guarantee it. Anyone else as excited about this game as me?

Agarest: Generations of War Zero

What is it? This is like a super JRPG, in that it might be the most Japanese JRPG ever made ever. It's a tactical RPG featuring every trope you can imagine and more. Should you care? I'm going to say no. Not a great example of this genre. Pick up a 3DS instead. That's the home of all the best JRPGs I've played over the last couple of years.

Battle Academy (PC)

What is it? A turn-based strategy based in real-world-ish environments. Should you care? This is definitely something you'd want to look into if you enjoyed games like Advance Wars. Seems like a surprisingly in-depth, well made video game.

Eterium (PC)

What is it? A retro space sim inspired by games like X-Wing, or other space shooters you might have played in the 90s. Should you care? I don't like the look of it. Seems a little generic, a little flat. I could be wrong. This game just made its kickstarter goal a while back and this is the end result.

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Champions Edition (360/PS3)

What is it? Oh, I almost forgot this is the year EA cash in on FIFA twice annually! Should you care? I don't think so. I've never liked the 'World Cup'-inbetween-FIFA games. Not that they're lacking in quality, just a bit of a cash grab considering FIFA comes out once a year.

LEGO The Hobbit (360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4/PS Vita/3DS/PC)

What is it? Another LEGO game! This month is packed with them. Should you care? I think I'd go for one of the others instead of this.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PC)

What is it? A 2D puzzle platformer, the latest in the Max and the Magic Marker series. Should you care? I think it looks fantastic, and enjoyed the original. But that's just me. Has suffered fairly mediocre reviews.

Mechanic Escape (PC)

What is it? Mechanic Escape is a hard-as-all-balls 2D platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy (I guess). Should you care? Well, it doesn't looks as though it matches the quality level of SMB (what does?) That said, it does plug a gap, and looks like a well-polished, well made platformer.

Moebius: Empire Rising (PC)

What is it? A point and click adventure that takes itself quite seriously by the looks of things. Should you care? Aside from the really rubbish name, this game has a bold art direction, and comes from point and click legend Jane Jensen. She has a good track record, good enough to make me interested in this.

The Sly Trilogy (PS Vita)

What is it? It's the Sly Trilogy, in handheld form. Should you care? I love stealth games, and I love platform games. The Sly trilogy has a unique feel to it, and is actually innovative in its own way. I think this is cool.

Trials Fusion (Xbox One/PS4/360)

What is it? Oh dear God it's coming out this week. Oh god oh man. Should you care? This is a potential game of the year for me. Dark Souls II and Trials Fusion within a month of each other spells imminent divorce and forthcoming homelessness for me. It's been fun knowing you all.


    pumped for trials fusion..... actually thought it was coming out last week.... proceeded to get very depressed when i realised my mistake

    Isn't Trials also out on PC?

      It comes out 25 April, according to Steam.

        Damn... PC is always getting jibbed by developers!

        Bet it has performance issues and poor Crossfire support just like Evo did, too...

    Hey Mark, what platform do you think you'll be playing Trials on?
    I'm going PS4, but really want to be able to beat your times :P

      It's a really tough one. I wanted to go PS4 because better resolution/performance. But my brother is getting in on Xbox One, so I'll probably go with that so I can compete with his times.

        The only console I don't have :( Oh well.
        I'm interested to see how it controls with the PS4 triggers, haven't really been any decent driving/racing type games yet. Hope they at least match the 360 triggers.

          thats a good point.

          really the controller is the biggest factor in this.
          I love the One controller.

          think that is decided then.
          plus im used to Trials on the xbox

          also i have 3 controllers for it (birthday presents) and i need to use the 3rd one eventually

        I’m going Xbone even though I’m concerned about a lack of controllers for multiplayer.
        I’ve only got 2 and they aren’t as abundant amongst my friends as 360 controllers are.

    Good to see team Kotaku captain getting excited..... With all the challenges added there are way too many days of playing lined up.....

    Well I finally finished Dark Souls 2 last night, so I'm gonna spend the week winding down. Starting off with the next episode of Wolf Among Us.

    *as Emmet from the lego movie* I'M SO PUMPED UP!


    So excited for this. If anyone is interested I went to a media event in Finland a few months ago and i finally got around to publishing my video of the event.

    EDIT: Found the link

    Oh I should also add that the University of Trials is back and it's designed to introduce totally new players to the series. Strongly suggest you check it out if you've heard the hype but don't understand what its all about. Should be released via Ubisoft YouTube shortly after release.

    I'll get this on everything (thats the plan anyway)

    Gamertag: FatShady Live
    PSNID: FatShady-Live
    Uplay: FatShadyLive

    Last edited 14/04/14 10:20 am

      Which platform do you think you'll be playing the majority of it on?

      Last edited 14/04/14 11:24 am

        Been asked that so much and I honestly can't say. It will be about convenience and controller for me. I still want to try the Xbox One controller on Trials, but 360 and PS4 controllers work on PC.. so really not sure tbh.

          I've finally decided that my platform will be PC so if you want to avoid someone thrashing your record in a certain skill game again you might want to choose console...

      I can neither play or watch. Give me a few months. (Why did I come here. There is no games.)

    I'm one of the most JRPG-est people ever and I agree with Mark. Agarest Zero is really only for the most hardcore John McClane's of JRPG strategy game enthusiasts. There are plenty of other strategy games for the Vita and 3DS that I'd recommend first.

    Hand me the keys to this motorcycle, lemme start it up. YEAAAAAHH!


      This is my favourite comment of today by far.

    $60 for what started off as an indie/mobile game. Nice.

      $20 on Steam. Lol, just lol.

        Nope, that's base game. Deluxe is $40. Still a rip.

        6x DLCs already planned for the year. Fuck that noise. This is what is wrong with the gaming industry.

      In 2009, prior to their involvement with Ubisoft, Redlynx released Trials HD on Xbox Live Arcade. It was 1200 MS points. The DLC packs which added heaps of content were 400 points. Roughly translated to a dollar value, that is about $21.60 for the main game and $7.20 for DLC. (Assumed $27 for 1500 points in 2009 dollars or 0.018c per point)

      For Trials HD there was only 2-3 DLC's I think but assuming that that same indie company made 6 DLC's, that would set you back $21.60 + (6*$7.20) = $64.80.

      Even if those numbers are approximate, I think this is a great deal and not at all out of alignment with their pricing policy to date. Trials Evolution was priced about the same and this is very similar.

      I assume everyone knows by now I am hugely biassed and call a number of the devs friends now, but I just watned to step in and clarify this could have been much worse. Ubisoft could have easily mad this a full retail game, we'd be buying it from JB for $79 or going to ozgame or elsewhere. Rather than that, they kept it digital, gave you the option to buy a season pass for a discount and bundled it together as a single retail package. I will get hundreds of hours out of this game so I am happy to part with that amount of cash. I don't care either way what you decide to do but I did want to present the argument from a different perspective.

        Thanks for the info.

          All good, trying to not come across as a jerk or anything. I was actually surprised and pleased with the price when i heard it.

        Unfortunately the high price and leaderboard segmentation means that rather than buying now on 360 and later on PSXBONE4, I'm just gonna wait. Sad but true. Real shame that there's no cross-buy and unified leaderboards (and the fact that it's not Red Lynx's or even necessarily Ubisoft's fault doesn't change anything).

          No unified leaderboards? Seriously wtf do these people think. Controller or mouse/kb doesn't matter ffs!

        On a cost per hour played basis, I think trials cost me about $0.20 per hour....... Yes I am that addicted....

    Still jaded from Evolution on PC. The multi was terrible and is still broken. After playing on 360, it was a real disappointment. I would really like to smash this on PC, but I am wary.

      I've played on PC and it seems pretty solid. Gold was a port from what I could see, this is not.

        Yea, it was gold. Considering this is not a port, I may have a look. Didn't know that, thanks man.

    I dont like the new art style, prefer dirt over futuristic tron ramps any day

    What other new Lego games are there besides the movie game? I needs lots of Lego, dammit!!!

    Was hoping that the Sly trilogy would come out on the Vita!

    It's all about the digtal release on UN PSN for Conception II on Vita for this week. Time to raise my army of star children ;)

    I'm waiting for the PC version of Trials and unlike Dark Souls 2, I might actually make it through to the PC release without buying a console version.

    I was gonna wait anyway cuz I already have both Trials games on the 360 and I need to finish games on the old console not keep adding them!

    I am pumped for trials... but I am going to wait until the end of the month before I grab it, just incase it is part of the PSN instant game collection

    been playing the trials beta on PC... loving it... can't wait for the full release so i can get more stuck in

    anyone else getting on PC and want some uplay buddies to compete with add me on uplay (KRiSX85) :D

    Last edited 14/04/14 5:04 pm

    Can't be bothered by Trials, never really been interested by it. This'll give me a chance to catch up on some backlog - Need For Speed: The Run and Walking With Dinosaurs (and Dragon's Dogma).

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