We're Up All Night To Get Lucky (And Play DayZ)

I think everyone and their granny has heard 'Get Lucky' enough to last a lifetime, but thanks to this top notch parody, DayZ fans will be happy to hear it one more time. We're up all night to play DayZ!

My favourite bit? Probably the dancing. Or the entire team of dudes soloing on the fire extinguishers.

I was actually really surprised by just how well put together the song was. It doesn't sound like an acapella rip. I think this whole thing was done from scratch, which makes it all the more impressive.


    That was brilliant lmao! Loved the fire extinguisher saxaphones!!! Such a damn good clip!

      It's all they're good for in game.

    I hope these guys take their obvious talent and make some more clips, a YMCA vid could be good :D

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