What’s In 100 Battlefield 4 Battlepacks?

What’s In 100 Battlefield 4 Battlepacks?

JackFrags plays a lot of Battlefield 4. As a result, he’s got a lot of Battlepacks to open. So here are the results of what was contained within 100 Battlepacks.

You can watch the entire video yourself below, but here are his results:

  1. 25% XP boost: 69
  2. 50% XP boost: 40
  3. 100% XP boost: 3
  4. 200% XP boost: 2
  5. Dogtags: 15
  6. Portraits: 16
  7. Sights: 106
  8. Attachments: 107
  9. Paint: 40
  10. Emblems 31
  11. Knives: 4

Opening 100 Battlepacks [JackFrags]


    • Because todays gamers are used to mobile and iOS games where they regularly purchase random loot content.

    • These aren’t paid for, they’re unlock by playing the game. If you paid to be a premium player you get the occasional premium battlepack

    • It helps you unlock the attachments for guns you may not use, so you don’t have to grind those guns to get them

  • Oh wow!! Another Acog scope for that gun I never use! It’s just like the other Acog 4x scope on that other equally shit gun I don’t use! Thanks Dice, I’m glad all that hard work paid off

    • I hear ya, never get any battle pack attachments for the weapon I actually use. Just useless things like 4x sights for PDWs!

  • The annoying thing is that while you may get a random attachment that is good, most of the time you get useless stuff.

    What’s the point of having three kinds of silencer for each gun which all have the same characteristics?

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