Battlefield 1 Devs Outline Future Plans, Prepare For Battlefest

First person shooter and bad tweet generator Battlefield 1 is getting a few new updates. Additional modes, maps tweaks and a week long community celebration are on the way.

In a new blog post, DICE spoke about the game's future. The developers plan to add in hardcore servers to the game in the near future. Battlefield 4's hardcore mode removed crosshairs, lowered health and enabled friendly fire. Additionally, the game will soon have a Fog of War mode that limits visibility and affects the mini map.

There's some tweaks to the Suez multiplayer map as well. The map will have two new capture points and additionally armoured vehicles so that disadvantaged teams can push back against difficult odds.

Some of these changes are planned to coincide with "Battlefest". The event starts on November 16 and will offer log in bonuses, special community missions and new Battlepacks in a week long celebration of all things that start with the word "Battle". (Except, I assume, Battleborn...)


    Hardcore cannot come soon enough. We miss it sooooooooooooo much! :(

    As an aussie I'd love to experience a gallopili map

      I would say this may come in a future DLC map pack. Well here's hoping anyway.

      With supersoldiers hip-firing 200 round machine guns in full, bulletproof steel armor. Just like in the history books.

        gas those bastards... or set them on fire...

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