10 Pokémon That Should Get Mega Evolutions In The Remakes

10 Pokémon That Should Get Mega Evolutions In The Remakes

With Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire releasing later this year, fans have already started excitedly speculating about all the third generation Pokémon that might get a mega evolution — and this is that we don't officially know if the remakes will have any.

But who cares! Speculating is fun. NateWantsToBattle gives us his personal wishlist in this video, and the choices include Exploud, Cradily, Metagross, Crawdaunt, Swellow, Cacturne, Mightyena, Sharpedo, Swampert, Sableye — skip to 23 seconds in if you don't want to listen to the excited yelling about Hoenn actually getting a remake:

I'll have to agree with Metagross and Swampert — and to throw my own picks in here... well, I basically have two lists. My "watch the world burn" list includes Ludicolo (because he's a ridiculous party Pokemon), Slaking (because that would be hilarious), Nosepass, Wailord (plz make him even bigger), Spinda, and Luvdisc. My more serious picks would include Zangoose, Flygon, Milotic, Dusclops and Salamence (the common factor here being that they all look cool).

What about you, what Pokemon do you think should get mega evolutions in the remakes?

And note that for those of you wondering if the legendaries on the covers are mega evolutions or not, Serebii reports that the Pokemon Company says they're "never before seen Pokémon" — so this could either mean a new forme, Mega Evolutions, or something else altogether. We'll see soon enough: the first footage of the remakes drops this Sunday on Pokémon Get☆TV.


    Dusclops will not get a mega evo as it has an actual evolution.

    I imagine Swampert and Grovyle getting mega evos as Blaziken has one.

    Slaking will never get a mega-evolution unless they totally nerf his attack stats, as a mega-evolution would change his ability from the worst ability of all time: truant.

    Mega Evos don't always change abilities, like Tyranitar/Scizor.
    You'd imagine the two other starters will get megas, as well as others that have high BST like Metagross and Flygon/Salamence, but there might not be as many as people expect, because Gen 3 already has a bunch of megas.

    Mega Flygon I am ok with. Flygon is far and away my favourite mon for cool factor, solid move pool and doesn't feel cheap by using a pseudo-legendary dragonmon.

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