Pokémon's New Mega Evolutions, In Action

Pokémon's New Mega Evolutions, In Action

We'd heard that the new Pokémon remakes would include megas for Mudkip and Treeko. But now we can see what they're like in the actual game. Neat, eh?

In fact, there's a whole bunch of new footage of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire — Hoenn is looking like a great place to return to:

Admittedly though, I think Mudkip's mega looks too bulky — almost like he's related to the new Knuckles or something.

And in case you're more interested in the "ancient devolution" 'mon, here's what the legendaries look like in this new footage:

Pokémon's New Mega Evolutions, In Action


    Mega Sceptile has a complete Christmas Tree on his tail. Mega Swampert looks like something Jeremy Wade would pull out of the water on River Monsters.

      Mega Swampert looks like he's been hitting HGH and Mr. Burns's nerve tonic.

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