Bound By Flame Hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC And PlayStation 4 On May 9

Video: Focus Home Interactive's hack-and-slash action role-playing game is flying low under the radar. Strange, as it seems like the kind of game I'd really dig. We'll find out for sure at the end of the week.


    I think the main focus of this news artical should be that it's NOT on Xbox One?

      It's been covered the devs did not get the dev kit in time and they didnt want to delay the game

        They could have just delayed the xbone version. Oh well I don't care. I'm only looking out for pc games these days.

    Wish it was this week here really keen for this game

      it is on PC :D looking forward to it... decided to gamble the $25 on if its a good game or not... sure looks good

    Looks pretty neat, pitty they couldnt get the xbone kit in time, as i bought the xbone first as there was a really good bundle for it and i wanted to play KI... might have to get the ps3 a bit earlier than I was expecting haha

    Last edited 06/05/14 9:09 am

    This game looks really good. Can't wait to see a review of it and see how it all stacks up.

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