22 Years Of Mario Kart In Under Two Minutes

Mario Kart 8 is almost upon us. But before we all get too carried away with all the awesome new features like anti-gravity and next-gen moustaches, let's pause for a moment to reflect on the long, eventful life of this wonderful series.

Nintendo offered up a history lesson today in a short video that sums up the game's 22-year saga. It's definitely not enough time to give the series its full due, but it paints a pretty picture of how far Mario Kart has come while still staying true to its roots.

OK, Nintendo, we get it: Mario Kart is pretty great. Now can we just play the new one already?


    Flew to Alaska just a while ago and had the original SNES Mario Kart available to play. I had not played it in YEARS. Possibly one of my favourite racing games ever. Upset only by how much I suck at it nowdays. :(

    For some reason the Mario Kart 8 segment reminds me of a slower F-Zero..... I hope they do a new F-Zero :D

      This!! The new rainbow road gave me flashbacks of some f-zero GX tracks! A new one would be amazing on the wii u.

    I've been playing it recently too - it's really hard compared to the newer ones. :c And the other characters cheat. They throw stuff at you when you can SEE that they haven't gone through an item pickup. >:c

    Edit: This was supposed to be in reply to @newtsfactor, but Kotaku said I was posting too quickly and screwed up my comment placement.

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    Damn this makes me feel old. I will never forget the time my friend lapped me and i was coming 2nd. If anyone else has ever managed this then kudos to you.

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