Don't Starve Is Getting A Free Multiplayer Add-On

Briefly: Don't Starve, an indie game best known for its punishing singleplayer experience, is getting a free multiplayer add-on within the next few months, developer Klei Entertainment announced today. It's just called Don't Starve Together. So far it's only been confirmed for PC. And while its free for current owners, the extra mode will raise the game's price by $US5 to $US19.99.


    I need to change my pants.

      Now we can change them together!

    excellent news. However i thought multiplayer wasn't possible. I heard a dev talking about this and based on the engine and inventory system, multiplayer was pretty much out of the question without a re-haul. If this is the case then holy crap i am over the moon! flip yeah!

    Too late to grab a 5 buck copy before it's added?

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