Frankenstein And Joan Of Arc Duke It Out In This Online Battle Game

Frankenstein And Joan of Arc Duke It Out In This Online Battle Game

If you like the sound of "Joan of Arc and Robin Hood cooperating to hunt down Little Red Riding Hood", then Crytek has the game for you. The studio behind Crysis just announced a new Dota-esque online multiplayer game called Arena of Fate that lets two teams of five band together and duke it out as iconic characters from history and fantasy including Frankenstein (I assume they mean Dr Frankenstein's monster), Jack The Ripper, Nikola Tesla, and even Baron von Münchhausen.

Baron von Münchhausen! Definitely haven't seen enough of that guy lately.

The trailer is pretty short, but it's charming nonetheless:

Crytek said they will be bringing the game to E3 this year, so look for more information next month. You can apply for the Arena of Fate beta here.


    Just for people wondering, the wolf monster in the GIF isn't Frankenstein, it's meant to be Fenrir.

    Typemoon's Fate series has been done this for a while.

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