Jean Grey Is The Best Thing Wrong With The Wolverine

Jean Grey Is The Best Thing Wrong With The Wolverine

The only film in the X-Men saga I didn’t see in theatres might not have been had I known about the heavy reliance of Jean Grey hallucinations. Let’s see what else The Wolverine messed up, courtesy of Cinema Sins.

This 11-minute critique is the most of The Wolverine I’ve managed to watch without falling asleep. He might have claws and a ridiculously effective healing factor, but Wolverine doesn’t make for interesting solo movie material — at least in the hands of the current licence holders.


  • “This video contains content from FOX, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.” Isn’t it a critique on the movie?

  • The “Jean Grey hallucinations” were the worst parts in The Wolverine IMO. She’s my least favourite X-Men character (in the movies at least), and the love triangle in the trilogy between, her, Wolvie and Cyclops absolutely shat me to tears

    • I hate her as well, but I liked her inclusion in the movie because Wolverine cared a alot about her, and it would have been cheap if he’d just forgotten her completely after The Last Stand.

      • I thought that was a bit unfair, so I tried to think of a more boring character. I couldn’t.

        Wait! Storm in the movies. She’s a non-entity and they keep making up reasons for her to use her powers.

        Regular Storm owns, though. So I’m with you on Jean.

          • Never understood the Halle Berry thing. She’s not a bad looking woman by any means. I just never saw the sex symbol status. *shrug*

            She’s not always a terrible actor, but in X-Men she was. She also forced a partial rewrite of the script in number 1 because she demanded more lines and screen time. Which makes her a jerk.

  • i think she is also the most unattractive female actor in the xmen series, but thats just my point of view and preference.

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