Man Climbs Melbourne's Prima Pearl, Looks Like Mirror's Edge Times A Million

This video footage is something else. The Prima Pearl is a skyscraper in Melbourne currently under construction. Being that it's under construction there is a massive crane there. One man, Drjft, has recorded himself climbing that crane. All 304 metres of it. It is spectacular and terrifying.

The fact that it's recorded in first person just makes it all the better. Red bars, white bars — you can't help thinking of Mirror's Edge whilst watching, at least I can't.

People will say he is crazy and I suppose this sort of behaviour shouldn't be encouraged, but I have a lot of respect for people who can control their fear to the point where they think this is a good idea. Crazy to see it being done in our own backyard.


    Impressive stuff, but I could never do it. I have trouble looking over the rails of a second floor balcony. :S


    I have a good idea... I am going to break into private property and record myself doing it... hurr durr.

    Just looking at clips like this makes me feel uneasy.

    I'll stick with good old rock, nothing beats rock.

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      Me and you should be buddies.

        And the longest game of Rock Paper Scissors known occurred...

    And VicPol won't at all be taking an interest in this video at all. Not at all...

    And this is one of the only videos that actually has given me a bit of vertigo while watching

      That probably has a lot more to do with the bullshit fisheye lensing all these climbers use in their videos to make it look higher than it is.

    Great vid. Between the first-person view, the eerie emptiness of the building and that music, totally had a GoldenEye/Perfect Dark stealth type vibe to it. So cool.

    He isn't wearing PPE and hasn't been site inducted!

    He's lucky there were no workers or security on site - he probably did this on the weekend. But certainly the Police will now be investigating him now that the video is out in the open

      Tradie R.D.O's are awesome ;-)

      Also probably should have worn a long sleeve shirt...... That tattoo is a nice 'identifying' mark to go off of...

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