Nintendo Willing To Split The Pie With YouTube Content Creators

Nintendo Willing To Split The Pie With YouTube Content Creators

Nintendo has announced a revenue sharing scheme with YouTube videographers, loosening up on their previous stance of “it’s all mine.”

Under the arrangement, ad revenue will be split amongst Google, Nintendo, and the video maker. YouTube partners already make peanuts compared to the big slice of the pie already taken by Google, so the amount earned from making Nintendo videos will be negligible.

A vast majority of the power also remains on the side of the corporation, with Nintendo having say over whether or not a video can go live monetised. Naturally, it will want to make sure every video is family friendly, but it has also historically been fiercely protective of its characters. If approved, Nintendo ads will adorn the video.

A short while ago, YouTube introduced its massively detrimental Content ID system, which automatically analyses and flags video content which might be in breach of copyright laws. It’s a guilty-before-proven-innocent approach, with revenue instantly being diverted to the supposed copyright owner, or videos taken down the moment they’re flagged, and requiring human approval to be activated again — during which time, revenue is lost and momentum stymied.

Content ID has also had its fair share of mishaps, incorrectly flagging some videos. While some companies, such as Nintendo and SEGA, welcome the heavy-handed approach, others aren’t fans. Some publishers criticise the policy and, understanding the value of having people talk about your games, have staff ready to reverse Content ID decisions when necessary.

Nintendo have taken a tiny step in the right direction, but it needs to realise the position they’re putting YouTubers in. There are a lot of games to talk about out there, without resorting to the meager offering of the Wii U and 3DS. And unless you’re PewDiePie, content creators already get a pittance compared to Google. So why would anyone serious about YouTube make a video about Nintendo games? And if you’re simply making it for fun, why would anyone monetise it?



  • “understanding the value of having people talk about your games, have staff ready to reverse Content ID decisions when necessary.” exactly that… I bought almost all my games (that I didnt know about before) after watching Gameplay videos, how they fail to see this is beyond me…

    • Nintendo are still awesome.

      It’s just that their Executive seem fairly firmly planted in a world that existed around 15-20 years ago and aren’t willing to budge from that. They’ll get there.


  • Nintendo just doesn’t get it. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, or an old fashioned way of looking at the world. It’s part of their charm and the reason I love them, but it’s also doing so much harm. It’s just so frustrating that a large part of Nintendo’s problems are them shooting themselves in the foot, continuously.

  • Please get with the times Nintendo. Drop the Region Lock on the 3DS and WiiU and embrace a real account system with cross buy.

    • A bit harsh targetting only Nintendo on that one. They’re certainly not the only offender.

      • Anytime i purchase digital content in 2014 I accept and understand that it is tied to my account Google Play, Steam, PSN iTunes and whatever other platform i purchase from it is tied to an account.

        When I set up my Vita I did not have to call up Sony and say “Hey can I have my PS1 and PSP titles on this system. They were already in my download list ready to go. My WiiU I will be purchasing this weekend will have no idea i purchased Super Mario Bros 3 on my 3DS and will ask me to purchase it again.

        Nintendo is the only one who benefits from region locking so they can charge Australians more. The people who import games are people who want to save some money by not buying local but are also hardcore fans that wish to buy an Atlus game when it comes out in the U.S or Japan instead of waiting months for the eventual European release.

        Are you actually cool with Region Locking and No real account system ?

        • Are you actually cool with Region Locking and No real account system ?

          No. I simply stated that Nintendo aren’t the only ones engaging in the practice.

          What’s really sad is that the internet is supposed to be a system without borders yet publishers are more than happy to put customers second through the deliberate creation of virtual regions which are used to determine pricing.

          Take for example when I logged in to Steam yesterday to see Watch_Dogs come up at $59.99 in the update news. I click through only to find the price has changed to $79.95. As such, I voted with my wallet and decided I won’t be buying it at all.

          I may even choose to obtain it through other channels for the low, low price of free to return the contempt they show for me as a consumer.

          • Region Specific pricing is not the same as Region Locking. I agree with you, I was beyond outraged when Greenman Gaming was going to be charging Australians differently to what other people were paying for 2K published games. But it wasn’t Greenman Gaming’s idea to overcharge Australians it was a Publisher that forced there hands. So after my initial over-reaction I said well GMG has done right buy me so far I will just purchase select 2K games from them when they are priced lower and will continue to buy from them.

            My problem is Nintendo is forcing its prices on myself and not giving me an alternative. The company known for not lowering its prices years after games have come out.

            Here are my favourite games on Vita and 3DS

            Notice the price difference. I have basically no options when purchasing a Nintendo title i like other then to pray for a retail sale or some non existent E shop sale.

          • I should have added “to determine pricing and availability” but the pricing part still stands. It’s used to support bricks and mortar stores that may or may not have viable business models and are simply using their position in the market to bully publishers into bending to their will.

            Seems Nintendo are very controlling of who can sell their wares and for how much. Aside from EB and JB the only alternative was Mighty Ape and even they were priced the same as the others for those listed games. Very toxic…

  • Well the Vita, PS4 and Xbone are all region free. Nintendo consoles are the only current ones that are.

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