Someone Edited Star Wars Episodes I-III Into One Movie

Clocking in at two hours and 47 minutes, this is Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side, a recut version of Episodes I, II and III that ditches the Jar-Jar nonsense in favour of focusing on Anakin's relationship with Padme and subsequent fall from grace.

You can watch the whole thing above, or download it on Vimeo. The cut is based on the structure of the infamous Topher Grace recut — an 85-minute edit of the prequel trilogy that has yet to go public. It's all proof that pretty much everyone thinks they could've done a better job with this thing than George Lucas did.

Here's the Vimeo description, via user Double Digit:

A reimagining of the Star Wars prequel trilogy edited into a single compelling movie, based on the structure conceived by actor Topher Grace. As a critique of episodes 1-3, many large plot pieces have been removed or changed to strengthen the core relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. More than 100 video and audio edits heighten the main character's tragic fall from grace.

Very cool. Let me know if any of you guys watch the whole thing — I'm curious to hear how good it is.

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    Lucas swooped in with his 'Retconning beams' and destroyed it already...

      You mean Disney.

        Nah, Lucas. Disney at the moment I think is doing its best to get shit in line. They've worked wonders with Marvels properties, I think they'll do the same with Starwars. Lucas however, seems to react badly when people knock his prequels lol.

          Yeah and, he doesn't like people knocking the last Indy movie either.

            lmao I saw a video where he went on and on about how he's proud of it. Even Shia Lebouf said it's a massive pile of shit. When Shia LeBEEF, star of Shitformers, knocks your movie, you're in trouble...

              Ehhhhhhhhhh it was alright.

                I also don't have this hatred for Indy 4. Is it the weakest of the four? Certainly. Is LaBeef annoying? Sure. Is the finale hot garbage? Oh yes. That said, the first 3/4s of the movie were alright. People complain about the fridge nuking scene but it's no more or less outlandish than his antics from the original trilogy.

                The Star Wars prequels on the other hand, can die a horrible and painful death.

                  Complaints about the fridge always confused me. Surviving a nuke in a fridge? Too unbelievable. Some guy ripping out someones heart without leaving a drop of blood, a cut, or even kiling the person? Sounds plausible.

                  I think it's the difference between something that is clearly supernatural and something that is scientifically improbable.

                  I actually didn't mind the movie, that is up until friggin' aliens came into the story, I remember thinking, "this is Indy, not friggin' sci-fi". It just went downhill from that point. That and the fact that Shia LaBoofhead was in it.

                  I would liken what they did in Indy 4 with the aliens to what Marvel/Disney did with The Mandarin in Iron Man 3. It was just like WTF! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

                  Improbable you say?? So indeed not impossible?

                  Lol jokes aside I agree. Other than Labeef the first part of the movie was almost enjoyable but WHY ALIENS! I understand that the aliens can be a reference to the time period that the film is set (Russians and alians being a hot topic back then and all I suppose) but come on! No one cares. Indy was always about the strange cursed artefact not aliens. TOTALY different and not at all fitting (Mostly because I suppose it wasn't convincingly linked to the past.

                  If they had at the end of the movie found some weird alien artefact: WOAH FINE! But not a whole ship. It would be the same as if at the end of raiders the sky parts and God himself talks to Indy after smiting the Nazies with literal lighting from his own hands. TOTALY different vibe I think.

                  The unseen is better than the over explained *COUGH-MEDICLORIANS-COUGH*! Thats IMHO of course.

              It wasn't the greatest movie, but it was a million times more watchable than transformers!

    While I'm sure it's an interesting edit, nothing short of remaking the entire prequel trilogy from scratch is going to save these movies. The story is terrible, the writing's terrible, the visuals are terrible, the direction is terrible, the acting is terrible (come on, look me in the eye and tell me any single actor in the prequels actually gave a sh*t - Ewan McGreggor maybe, but not by much). Basically, the only good thing about the prequels is the music, mainly because John Williams seems to actually, you know, care about the content he produces. George Lucas, on the other hand, seemed to look on the prequels as a money making exercise and little else.

      There are a metric shitton of fan edits of the prequels out there - some are quite good, using deleted scenes, cutting the kiddie stuff etc. used to be the place to find them, although nowadays getting the actual films can be tricky...

      It doesn't make them great, but certainly pushes them towards the 'watchable' camp.

        There are some things in the prequels that you can't improve, no matter how much you shuffle them around. You can't change the fact that Anakin turned from a kid to Hayden Christensen seemingly overnight while none of the other characters were recast. It's so jarring I'm not surprised there's a conspiracy theory that Anakin isn't even the same species as Padme. You can't make the actors good, you can't edit horrible lines like "From MY point of view the JEDI are evil!" short of dubbing.

        I've seen a couple of fan edits and they're mostly tolerable but most of that stems from the fact that they're merely limiting bad exposure. Unless you replace scenes wholesale with new footage, the prequels will be bad no matter how you slice it.

    I've wanted to do this with the 3 Bay Transformers movies for a long time; remove Witwicky and most of the useless human parts out of it. There's enough transformers scenes to make a really awesome, single film.

    This guy should do this for me instead.

      The transformer battles are done so poorly you cant even tell who is who for the most part. Michael Bay is such a lazy douchebag he literally took a whole scene from "the island" and had them CGI transformers pretty much roller skating between explosions.

      I'm just sad he'll now do his thing to make lazy, awful, ninja turtles with big lips and noses.

      Last edited 11/05/14 9:28 am

        It was like they smashed up a computer and put the debris in a clear plastic bag and jiggled it a few inches from the camera.

    "focusing on Anakin’s relationship with Padme"

    Ugh, of all of the rubbish contained within the prequels, the relationship with these two was some of the most poorly acted, painfully written cinema I've ever seen. Why would you focus on that!?

      Because that's the part that matters most to the original trilogy? While it was a bit cheesy, it does explain why Anakin became Darth Vader.

        "A bit cheesy" is a huge understatement. I would say face-palmingly shudder-inducing. It's completely embarrassing to watch. It's illogical and baffling. I actually felt sorry for the actors trying to read that crap and keep a straight face.

          I'm not defending that part of the films as brilliant cinema. But if your aim was to produce a single film out of material from the prequel trilogy that tied in with the original trilogy, what would you pick instead?

            Perhaps Anakin's lust for power. His arrogance in his ability to win. His pride, feeling like he's better than Obi Wan, feeling like the Jedi council owes him props bit won't give it to him.

            I think there's a ouch material to edit together there without even touching the romance plot. I get that GL wanted a Greek tragedy/Shakespearean tragedy to Anakin's turn, a turn based on deception, but I think a slow burn to the dark side based on pride and lust works too. And that way you could ditch the God awful attempt at romance that the prequels contain.

      Same with Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and 3, it was just about the love story of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, and the Pirate stuff just took a back seat, absolutely shat me to tears.

        Maybe that's my problem with 2 & 3. I can't quite nail my exact beef with them. All I know is that film 1 was fun and exciting and memorable while 2 & 3 seem to lack the same carefree spirit of adventure and whimsy. Maybe you're right, maybe it's the Will and Elizabeth plot that's dragging the films down.

    Would like to check this out. Guess posting links to removed content isn't going to happen though... shame.

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