The Big Question: PC vs Console

When I typed the above headline all I could see was the potential carnage. The peasants gathering their pitchforks, the master race in their droves trying to repel the horde. I want to keep this little discussion as pleasant as possible. We all know PCs can be super powerful, this is a question of preference: how and where do you like to engage in video games?

Are you happy to sacrifice the overwhelming power of the PC for a couch and a controller? Do you prefer the precision of the mouse and keyboard over the clumsy controller? Where do you do most of your gaming?

Vote in the poll below and let us know your reasoning in the comments.


    hahahahaha... PC hands down. Every time.

    Are you happy to sacrifice the overwhelming power of the PC for a couch and a controller?

    PC sacrifice nothing. PC's have had controller since the birth of gaming. I have my wireless Xbox and Logitech controller hooked up and i can lay on the couch to play in 4k with something like steam big picture mode.

    When i need precision i have my mouse and keyboard.

    When i need to do anything that doesn't involve gaming i have an entire PC at my disposal not just a baby's toy with flashing lights on it.

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      I want to keep this little discussion as pleasant as possible. We all know PCs can be super powerful, this is a question of preference

      I'm not down voting what you say, but the way you say it.

        Agreed. It's not the content, it's the douche way it's delivered.

        I must've missed the downvote-oblivion-worthy hyperbole, because I only saw the relatively sane post-edit stuff. :P

        (With the potential exception of the baby-toy crack I guess, but c'mon, go-go tribalism! MAASTER RAAACE and all that junk!)

          Nah, just that line. For the first comment off the bat, not a good way to start a respectful and pleasant discussion about personal preference when it comes to the activities we conduct on our leisure computers.
          I like this corner of the internet because it doesn't devolve into the rampant hostility that can be seen in other sites.

          Oh, but yeah, MAAAAAAAASTER RACE!!!!

      @rethilgore, down-voting everyone's comments is hardly a mature response to everyone else's well-reasoned discussion.

      I up voted because that was tame and there seems to be a bunch of knee-jerk jerks around.

      If you were that comfortable in your opinion then you shouldn't have to punish a comment like that.

        That was my reasoning, too. I mean... it'd be like starting a two-answer poll, 'which is best: Blues or the Maroons?' and not expecting a little friendly slagging. I'm guessing the 'friendliness' didn't come through on 'baby toy', but when I cry MASTER RACE! to the heavens, I do so with my tongue very firmly in my cheek.

        I mean, I've picked my team, I'm totally on Team PC.
        I just kinda haven't been LIVING that way until I put together another grand for upgrades/repairs on my PC behemoth (psst, don't tell the console heathens how much it cost), and in the meantime have been playing either of the two consoles I also have plugged in and perpetually powered on. (Don't tell the master race HQ or I'll get my card revoked for repeated offenses.)

        ACTUALLY giving a shit and being serious about this whole biz would be a tiny bit... ridiculous.

        Don't get me wrong - each side has valid complaints about the other. I'm talking about things like the significantly-sized console market causing major publishers to hamstring innovation by catering to prehistoric hardware.
        And irresponsible PC pirates and MOBAs/MMOs driving the emerging trends of adding distinctly consumer-unfriendly 'social features' and Always Online DRM to games that don't need it.

        But we all should know that going into this sort of thread and be able to play with it at least a little. I guess the knee-jerk reaction might've been a tad influenced by Poe's Law, and not everyone is great at text 'play'.

          Meh... This is the new Australian way I think. You don't think my way OUTRAGE OUTRAGE OUTRAGE OUTRAGE OUTRAGE!

      But I still sit on my couch and play my PC, so I get the best of both worlds.

      made an account just to dislike this

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        I could go on.

        seems legit.

    I game on both pc and console.

      I know, I was like, where's the 'Both' button?

      I mean, I have played console with mouse and keyboard attachments, PC with a controller on the couch and in the end they are all different experiences that, for me, are equally great.

      Exactly. I have my preference, sure, but why they hell would I want to stunt my experience by fanboying over one offering, I am a gamer, not a platformer.

      Said it before, will say it again. Gamers play games, fanboys play platforms

      My only console is Wii U because it is significantly different enough from my PC. That said 90% of my gaming is PC.

    Most of the time PC wins hands down - although there a few games i will pick up on console even though they look better on PC because i want to sit down on y couch and play with the controller - Assassins Creed series comes to mind. Or console exclusives that i need to have that don't see the light of day on PC.

    Although now that my PC is 4 years old and looking at the recommend specs for running ultra on Watch Dogs... It looks like i am going to have to upgrade next year...

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      In my experience games that work better with a controller only work better with a controller because the PC controls are incredibly badly done.

      The couch thing I will agree with though.

    Both - but I prefer the elegant simplicity of console gaming. Same reason I use on iphone.

    PC will provide the better experience 99% of the time for a multi platform release, and the initial investment can pay for itself when the games can be acquired for cheaper after a short time, or especially during sales.
    Consoles still have good value for exclusives, my time is generally split evenly over all the platforms. Got a decent backlog of titles in the PS3 pipeline, not to mention PlayStation plus, got a few WiiU/3DS titles patiently awaiting the end of my latest monster hunter urges. The 360, well, it does the skylanders and guitar hero duties, and the controllers have been cannibalised into the PC setups.

    I'm also the kind of person that likes to play with settings to find the right balance between graphics and performance, and I sometimes find console gaming a little frustrating without that ability.

      PC will provide the better experience 99% of the time for a multi platform release

      See I'm not sure if i agree with you on this, I honestly think most of the time you're playing your PC in a study type area with either great headphones or a 5.1/7.1 speaker setup. Small screen. However most people will be playing their Consoles with a 45"+ screen with much better surround sound home entertainment setup 9 times out of 10... I think the latter is a much better experience. Growing up with PCs and consoles i can use both controller or keyboard and mouse so for me this adds/removes nothing from the experience.

        Sorry, that was a very general statement on my behalf with no qualifiers. I write this from the perspective of having my PC next to the consoles, with everything plugged into the same TV - wireless K&M or 360 pad both ready to go for any PC game.
        Down side being when the missus wants to play Demon's Souls, it takes every other system out of availability at the same time.

        There is nothing stopping you plugging your PC into your big TV these days, Steam big picture mode makes it pretty damn nice.

        I often plug in my 360 controller to my PC.

        Until this weekend I was playing on PC with a 47" TV as my main monitor and a 5.1/7.1 headphones. I just swapped to a smaller screen because my god programming on a 47" is not easy

    Really think the poll could use a "both" option, for those who go for the game over the platform...

    Are you happy to sacrifice the overwhelming power of the PC for a couch and a controller?

    Plug your PC into your TV and get a 360 controller and you get the best of both worlds.

      If your an XBox player that hold true. If you're a PS owner I find the logitech controller works better. After years of muscle memory on PS controllers I just couldn't make the switch. I must say controller support for most PC games is still pretty dismal.

        Why not just use your PS3/PS4 controller with your PC? It's possible to get them working.

          Yep. PS4 controller works perfectly with win7/win8 now.

        Use BetterDS3. It installs an Xinput shell driver for your PS3 controller. You can set it up through bluetooth to play wirelessly too if you have bluetooth on your rig.

      get a 360 controller
      Seems to me that this involves taking one of the PC's great strengths and ruining it for no apparent reason.

      It's perfectly possible to game with a mouse and keyboard/laptop sitting on a couch - I do this all the time.

        I don't like keyboard and mouse for most genres of games mainly 3rd person and racing games.

        I disagree, I think it's taking one of PC's strengths and using it. Part of what makes PC so great is that you can use whatever you want with it. Wii game on your PC? Use a Wiimote. Playing a Dynasty Warriors game or Dark Souls? Use a controller (either kind). Emulator? Whatever you want. That's the great part of PC, you're not limited to anything

    Console for me, but I've never had a gaming rig, so maybe my opinion will change in a couple of months when I finally build one (hopefully).

      Thanks for the downvote @rethilgore, I sincerely apologize for not being financially privileged enough to be a part of your master race.

        This is kind of how I'm picturing him....

        I got a down vote as well for preferring PC but not excluding consoles.

    I prefer to game on my PC, but nothing beats getting some mates round, having some beers and belting each other in SSB. Both have their merits.

    Does everybody know that the term, "PC Master Race" was done as an insult?

    Anyways, I'd like to play on PC, but the problems with PC are all the problems with PC. I even recently added some RAM to my laptop and it took a week to get it right. I once spent 2 weeks trying to get Dawn of War to work before I found the problem. I went through all this headache in highschool and I don't really feel like doing it all over again.

      I must admit, the simplicity and ease of consoles is sometimes so appealing over PC gaming.

      My biggest problem with PC is cheaters, it's a constant battle. When have you ever come across aimbots and wallhackers on console?

        When have you ever come across aimbots and wallhackers on console?

        ...really? You really want me to answer this? I mean, obviously it's not as bad as PC, but all Call of Duty games before the previous two on console are unplayable.

          gta online. nuff said.

            Boosting isn't really the same as aimbots. That's a symptom of poor development, allowing someone to do the same thing over and over to gain money or experience artificially quickly.

              Oh it's not just boosting. GTA Online has people who are able to hack the living crap out of it via modifying their files on their console hdd using a pc cable. The servers at that point didn't keep most of your character data, or at least would use your console data as the 'true' data while playing. These people would make modified vehicles (the moonbuggy), altering weapon stats, tightening and loosening spray areas of weaponry, invincibility etc. It's also how they managed to gift billions to others. A lot of it's been patched out, but it's a very insecure game. I haven't played in the last 3 months because of this sort of thing, it really turned me off of it. But when you shoot someone with over a hundred rounds of machinegun ammo, a few grenades, a rocketlauncher etc then knife them for good measure and they're not in passive mode? There's a good chance they're cheating ;)

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                Knifing still kills passive. Explosion weapons can cause collision damage.

                  Then they're most definitely cheating if my knife didn't kill them lol

        I recall both Mario Kart DS and Metroid Prime Hunters having online play totally destroyed by cheaters, way back when. Was good fun up until that point though :P

        When have you ever come across aimbots and wallhackers on console?

        Any hacker can do this on a cracked console

      Does everybody know that the term, "PC Master Race" was done as an insult?
      We're owning it - taking it back, removing the humour so that the console peasants know their place! Which is licking our masterful, high and mighty boots. (Which is cleaner than it sounds, because our boots never touch filth, such as jaw-droppingly gorgeous/rich/deep console exclusives. Wait... I'm getting off-track.)

      *raises keyboard & mouse to the sky* MMMMAAAAASTERRRR RAAAAAAACE!

      The problems with PC have changed quite a bit since you were in school. It might be worth a revisit sometime if you have the means. There are a lot of gems that are PC only these days.

        Yeah, I know that. I have been meaning to get a Gaming PC. Problem, at my current stage of life it wouldn't be a good idea. I have a huge backlog of console games already, you really think I want to jump into Steam Sales so quickly? Lastly, it's no secret that the best idea is to upgrade in bulk with enough high specs that you can ignore upgrading for several more years and still enjoy most games at their highest settings. Which will cost a lot of money and a lot of research. Considering how much a headache this can be I'd rather work hard and getting the best so avoid doing again for a long time. Unlike the Australian Government, I think in the long term.

    Only reason I use consoles is because of the controller. My wrists get so sore from using the mouse + keys combo all the time. When I use a PC I feel I am a lot more in an 'attack position' when playing compared to when I sit back with a controller on the console. YES I know you can use a controller with a pc, but let's all face it, the mouse is MUCH more accurate. You can't use a controller in a mouse dominated game.

      That is true, but the same can be said in reverse for controller dominated games.

      It's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other

        Too true. Again I never have had sore hands from an xbox 360 controller yet.

      There's an obvious divide here - the main reason I DON'T use my console much is the controller.

        Yeah, I agree with this sentiment. I'll never play a shooter on a console purely because of the controller. After using the keyboard/mouse for so long, the controller feels like a massive handicap. Though this it's for this exact reason my wife won't use mouse/keyboard controls on a PC. The mouse being too crisp, in her case.

        That's it. it's a completely different ball game altogether. My brother use a mouse on PC and is super smooth and accurate to the finest divide. Love it and respect it, but I cannot use it myself.

    For me PC. If only because I'm more geared towards simulation programs these days and a console can't fulfill that need

    Having made the switch to PC last year & having picked up a PS4 since.... I'd still lean to PS4 over PC. It's not just the controller/couch issue. I guess having grown up with consoles, that's where I gravitate. PC is great for certain types of games, but I just like consoles. *shrug*

    Come on Mark, why would you even spark this? We are still reeling from the fallout of Xbone vs Ps4. Seems a little childish

      It doesnt have to be childish though, just people giving their personal pros and cons. It only gets childish if people take it personally.

        I see your point, probably a little bit short sighted of me. BUT! It's the internet. You can see why someone would view this as a shit stir and nothing else.

          Given the previous history of this question being posed, who could blame you?

    Console, Controlpad, Couch, Home Theatre...can play everything made for it without upgrades.

      Yeah, that's the thing for me, too. Buy a console, stick it under the TV and don't think about hardware for the next 5 years or so.

      I do play a little on PC, but more for indie / older stuff that I can't play on console (e.g. lately I've been playing a fair bit of FTL and one of my all time favourites, Jagged Alliance 2) rather than the latest bleeding edge stuff which would just kick sand in my PC's face and steal its lunch money.

        Buy a console, stick it under the TV and don't think about hardware for the next 5 years or so.
        I think the PC hardware market has plateaued to the point where this is more or less true for PC games too. Apart from anything else, most games are cross-platform now so console specs hold down the PC requirements massively.

        I just got a 1440p monitor and to my great surprise my 2-3 year old Radeon can run Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 2 on it at perfectly playable framerates (40-50ish).

    Yeah I get that PC's are obviously more powerful, but there is definitely something appealing to me in knowing I can relax and sit down to a console carefree of drivers and tweaking performance vs look that I find comes with PC. And the price tag that comes with keeping an up to date rig was too consuming for me too, which is something that you cant help considering if performance and higher settings is priority, which evidently it is for most PC enthusiasts. There's a comfort in getting a console and knowing it will play the game when you put it in first go, no dramas.

      carefree of drivers
      It's not 1994 any more, drivers are a total non-issue.

        Ah I dunno, maybe not drivers, but I know for a fact friends who still run pc have performance issues with certain games and dont always have a clean start playing from install. Kind of splitting hairs.

          Hey, it happens. I was feeling nostalgic a few days ago and decided to install NFSIII (as I still have a SHITLOAD of awesome mods for it), only to be rudely informed that the setup won't run on a 64bit OS. So I'm going to have to get it to work through DOSbox somehow, now. DOSbox and I have had a complicated history on this new machine of mine, I don't like my chances. :S If I had it on PS2, no worries, I could just drop it in and go. There is something to be said for the simplicity of consoles, but then I wouldn't be racing in XC Falcons, GTHOs and Scooby's Mystery Machine...

            PS2 Emulator :) It'll work nicely, and with Anti Aliasing, it'll look better

          Ah I dunno, maybe not drivers, but I know for a fact friends who still run pc have performance issues with certain games and dont always have a clean start playing from install. Kind of splitting hairs.
          With a few notable exceptions, moderately modern gaming PC + current PC game + default/medium settings = perfectly good performance.

          And medium settings will generally far exceed the quality of a console.

          The trap is to get sucked into "oh, but that setting goes up to Ultra Ultra Mega Quality" and crank everything up to a million.

          And of course console games also have severe performance issues from time to time (like Skyrim).

          Anyway, my point was just - drivers etc should definitely not stop anyone playing PC games. The hardware all slots together like lego these days, and if you run Win 7 or 8 with hardware from mainstream brands then you are highly unlikely to have driver or performance issues.

        You clearly don't play TF2 with an NVIDIA card then :P

    Dear oh, dear, these are always so baity.

    Can't we just agree that both options are fine and leave it at that?

    I actually can't stand playing games on my PC. I work all day on a computer why the hell do I want to sit in front of a PC when i get home?

      because sitting in front of a TV is so much better?

        Lot more comfortable than in front of a PC. PC just has the stigma of spreadsheets for me.

    I voted for PC's purely on the multiplayer and re-playability factor; besides that, I'd use a console for more of a single player/story driven game. If I'm in the mood to play something like The Last of Us, I'll sit down in front of the tv and wrap myself in the game. But if my friends wish to play some Diablo, I'll jump on the PC and fulfill my PTLD (post traumatic loot disorder).

    i game at a desk on PC, but if i want i can go lay on the couch with a controller and my PC


    *Goes back to actually read the article*

    Edit: I grew up on PC, had it exclusively during my university years, and I still prefer it. Now, have a tricked out gaming rig with 30inch screen, a tricked out SteamBox, and pretty much every console.

    I prefer to play on the couch (and with console) these days, since I have a full-time job in front of PC monitors. I'd rather get some distance and additional couch-comfiness to play games, as well as the ability to pop disc in and play.

    I still prefer PC overall - my SteamBox is pretty great, albeit with some pending tech problems to be resolved - and I prefer PC for multiplayer. Xbox 360 blows for multiplayer - chat, lag on everything, voice clarity, load times, etc.

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      Wow, downvoted for an obviously joking use of "master race" huh. Tough crowd.

        Actually, I think he's just gone through and downvoted every comment...

    Both, I enjoy using my top-spec 2014 MacBook Pro (on bootcamp obviously) for RTS, Diablo and indie games while I also have a Wii U for party games with friends (and Zelda, X, Metroid exclusives) and also a PS3 and PS4 for everything else, I like the longevity of a console, it will play a game that comes out in 8 years time, it has a controller I don't need to configure, it isn't costly to replace and I can come home from sitting at a desk at work all day and sit on the couch instead. Of course PCs are better technically speaking, but at the moment especially with comparably powerful consoles
    (albeit not for long), I do enjoy my consoles more.

    Until I get my PC hooked up to a bigger tv or a proper sit down desk, I'm finding myself playing cross-platform games on my PS3/4 atm while my PC is used mainly for strategy games. I do play both at the same time though so I'll be happily playing Skyrim or something on the TV while playing Footie Manager or Total War on my PC. As said though, this will likely change when I get a much better setup for my PC and it's more comfortable for me to play more action-orientated games on it.

    I used to play exclusively on PC, but now I haven't gamed on PC for years (I've logged thousands of hours on CS:S and BF2142). I pretty much only play on the 360 now. I just hate starting up Steam and find that it wants to download gigs of updates. This happens every single time I boot up Steam - why can't they control or limit the updates? It's got to the point where I'm scared of launching Steam because I don't want to see all the updates it wants to download.

    I also find that PC gaming is just full of hackers.

    I must admit that I long for the days of playing low lag games on the PC - 360 games are mostly unplayable due to the massive lag.

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