The Big Question: The Ship Of Theseus

That's right, I went there. It's a real big question. Crazytown on Kotaku today. I have faith in you, Kotakuers. Together, we can solve this philosophical classic. It goes like this...

You have a ship. Over time, it gathers wear and tear. Its crew repairs it, as needed. Parts are replaced — both small, like individual planks, and large, like a major sail, or eventually a mast. It all happens a little bit at a time.

After a while, the ship is made of completely new parts. Is the ship the same ship? Or is this a different ship? Theseus has been texting me about this all day and won't leave me alone until we get back to him.

[Ship] via Shutterstock


    Bricks and Mortar make a house, experiences in it makes it a home. It's a floating home regardless of how many pieces you replace!!

    There's a chain of memory amongst the pieces. For example, the first new piece will have a memory of the rest of the old ship. So when it becomes a 'new ship', almost all of the pieces will have some connection back to the original.

    I guess when I say 'memory' it kind of lazily refers to the fact that each new piece was added and moulded to what was the original ship.

    @junglist I feel like you missed the opportunity to use a screenshot from AC4 Black Flag instead of a Shutterstock image of a ship here. This is Kotaku after all!

      Or a ship from World of Warships, on which I did a post shortly after :P

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