The Ghost In The Shell Movie We Never Had

The Ghost In The Shell Movie We Never Had

I'm not sure a live-action Ghost in the Shell adaptation would be a good idea, but an homage to the opening of Mamoru Oshii's 1995 anime with real-life characters can't hurt. Director Ash Thorpe and his Project 2501 team recreated the title sequence, Motoko Kusanagi's birth, in a real-life environment, with a bit of CG added.

Here's a behind the scenes clip below. Note: Since Kusanagi doesn't wear any clothes in the anime's opening and this is a faithful remake, the video is slightly NSFW:

You can compare it with the original opening. It never gets old:

Project 2501: Homage To Ghost In The Shell [Vimeo — Thanks Christine!]


    I saw this yesterday on artstation, but there is something confusing about it all...

    Are they remaking the FULL movie? or just the title sequence? Why are people talking about this recreated title sequence like they have seen it when all i can find is a link to this 'behind the scenes' vid? Are they releasing it all later? ....?

      There isn't a full motion CG trailer. Reading the link from the article on vimeo, it appears that originally it was just going to be a series of photographs as a homage. Somewhere along the way, a bunch of other people joined in and they added the CG.

      The shots you see in the "behind the scenes" video above appear to be the end result. I couldn't find anything else.

        Yea it's weird, like they are intentionally being vague so as to not let on that they haven't really done what they say they are doing. Or something.

        It seems that a lot of other people (from the comments) are under the impression that it's going to be a full recreation of the title sequence, but from the description under the video it says that they hope we enjoy it, but the video is just the making of and some of the stills with a tiny bit of animation at the end.

        Here's the art station link with some more info:

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    1995.... man I'm getting old.

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