Watch 5 Minutes Of The New Flash Show

It cannot be denied. TV is where it is at. TV is where Matthew McConaughey became awesome again. TV is for The Wire, for Deadwood, for Mad Men, for Breaking Bad. TV, at this point in time, is absolutely slaughtering cinema in terms of quality content, so why should we be surprised when The Flash gets a TV show instead of a movie? We shouldn't be surprised at all.

What we have here is five minutes of the upcoming show based on The Flash and it... doesn't look terrible. I'm sure it will be corny, I'm sure it will have terrible dialogue, but no-one's expecting True Detective here, they're expecting Arrow, Smallville, Buffy. They're expecting that kind of entertainment. I think we'll get it.


    Yeah but to be fair Matthew McConaughey became awesome again in Mud first, so... *pushes glasses up nose*. Slaughtering is a strong word there Marky.

      To be fair, Matthew McConaughey has always been doing great, just in shitty films.

      I was going to agree with you on the second part and try to defend cinema, but there's not been much this year that's stood out. The Grand Budapest Hotel is the only thing I can remember seeing recently that was truly great. At the moment, TV is absolutely on top.

        Yeah its trueeee I guesss. In the US at least. Plenty of super interesting looking foreign films I havent gotten a chance to see yet

        For me, McConaughey's last scene in the movie Reign of Fire will go down as the most memorable of anything he has done. For all the wrong reasons.

        That being said, I'll agree he is generally a pretty damn good actor.

    Some of it looked really awesome, other stuff looked average. Hopefully it's good.

    Psyched for this, Arrow has been getting noticeably better, hopefully they bring what they've learned to Flash.

    I'm actually really impressed with the special effects. TV still finds it hard to compete with cinema in terms of SFX but the effects used for super speed look great, and so did that whirlwind. A show like this needs to nail the effects, since they'll be used so often, glad they appear to be on the right track.

    Damn this looks good, after watching so much of Arrow I'll have to look into this!

    With how good the second season of Arrow was, this can only be an awesome show.

    can't wait.

    I'm pretty interested in how Flash plays out. Arrow has it's strengths and weaknesses but what makes me like it is the way they resolve things and I think that will carry over to Flash. I remember at the start of season two thinking 'oh man, why'd they go back to more island flashbacks when they finished it last season', and I thought the same thing after the season two finale, but at the end of the day they actually did wrap up the first island story (and now the second).
    Where a lot of shows like this will drag out even the most minor of plot lines for entire seasons Arrow is willing to introduce something, do the entire story in three episodes, then dispose of it. It's actually quite smart when you think about it. Some shows are like 'well, we can't resolve Lex Luthor's story line because then who will Superman fight? Let's just keep shoehorning him into every episode' but the writers for Arrow seem to understand that they've got a million comics full of content to draw from.
    It's also not ashamed to be related to a comic book. Even though it looked sort of dumb they didn't shy away from Deathstroke's original mask. They didn't feel the need to justify it too heavily. A lot of shows would have spent three episodes explaining why he wears light face camo on one side and dark on the other, almost apologising for basing a design concept on his comic book appearance.

    So yeah, that's a really long way of saying why the glimpse of his mothers murderer is so awesome. =P If they're going to do that scene, and continuing the Arrow tradition of not holding back, the show is going to be great.

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      Perfectly put. Arrow is going from strength to strength, and while Flash obviously has a different tone (the more metahuman angle), I have faith in the guys behind Arrow. Psyched!

    Well, hey Mark. Buffy never had terrible dialogue. Other problems, sure, but it's dialogue was really good (usually).

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