Another World Hits PS4 Next Week

Briefly: Have a PS4? Never played classic adventure platformer Another World? You can change that starting next week when Eric Chahi's beloved 1991 title hits Sony's latest console.


    I never likes another world. Tried to play it a few times and I just don't like the game. I love prince of Persia but not sure why another world doesn't appeal to me.

    Man, what platform ISN'T this on!
    This game ranks pretty highly in my list of best games ever, still holds up today in my opinion.

    I was never good at this game. Most of the time I was killed by that friggin' terror dog thing at the start... Or the little worms haha.

      I only learned this year that you could step on those damn worms. It was a revelation.

        You can!? What is .. I don't even ... what?

        Oh you poor people!
        You know the gun can create forcefields too!

      Terror dog isn't an apt description. I would say 'nightmare beast dog of terror and doom'

    I loved this game on the Amiga back when it first came out. I wonder how well it has aged?

      extremely well. played it on ouya recently and it played as i remembered it on the mega drive. feels like a new indie game.

    Great game. Played this on my Amiga when I child. Never completed but it was fun. Easily one of the most frustrating game available.

    I played this game back at release and it blew my mind. Here we are 23 years later.....argh.....

    Hmmm. This would be one of the oldest games in my pile of shame, I never finished this game despite playing it for hours on my old 386 when it came out. I can't remember which bit, but I know there was one part I could never get past... I wonder if I still have the disk laying around somewhere? Shit it was probably a Floppy disk!

    Love the atmosphere of that game. Hate everything else.

    It looks like visuals aged really well though. Maybe I should give it another shot. Pretty sure my age was in the single digits last time I played it.

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