Final E3 Comic: Excitement Versus Hype

Final E3 Comic: Excitement Versus Hype

E3 is all about presentation and it can be hard to see through some of the smoke and mirrors. But there's genuine excitement around the games shown there too.

Final E3 Comic: Excitement Versus Hype

Elizabeth Simins is an artist & illustrator living in New York. She makes comics primarilyabout games, but also sometimes about other things. Follow her @elizsimins for way more tweets than necessary about games, comics, feminism, cats and how great Adventure Time is.


    I always thought of hype as the 'corporate' brand of excitement. A kind of emotion that a company is trying to sell you. Much like a door-to-door salesman uses a crazy pitch about a product you've never heard of.

    Genuine excitement to me is always the kind of emotion you get from speaking to other gamers about that game or product you both look forward to. Sharing your own reasons for why you are excited about it and rebounding off one another.

    Is there a difference? Probably not. Most game companies are genuinely excited to finally release their product to the masses. But still, it is always fun to talk to others about something you both hope to enjoy.

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    Hype is someone telling you it's good.
    Excitement is believing it.

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