E3 Comic #4: You Can Be (Almost) Anything

E3 Comic #4: You Can Be (Almost) Anything

Kotaku comic artist Elizabeth Simins got to play #IDARB at E3 this week, a minimalist indie game with countless characters. If only more games could afford to include such diverse characters...

E3 Comic #4: You Can Be (Almost) Anything

Elizabeth Simins is an artist & illustrator living in New York. She makes comics primarily about games, but also sometimes about other things. Follow her @elizsimins for way more tweets than necessary about games, comics, feminism, cats and how great Adventure Time is.


    A good point, expressed in a silly way. You can't compare the difficulty of including a sprite to that of including a 3D modelled character with voice acting and animations etc.

      Polygon interviewed this guy:
      Naughty Dog animator and former Assasin's Creed 3 animation director Jonathan Cooper told us that animating a woman character should take "a day or two's work," instead of what St. Andre said required the replacement of more than 8,000 animations to do so. Cooper said that male animations could still work on a female form.

      "I think what you want to do is just replace a handful of animations," Cooper said. "Key animations. We target all the male animations onto the female character and just give her her own unique walks, runs, anything that can give character."

      Basically it was a piss poor excuse.

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        This is pretty bullshit. Here's a guy who moved on from the series two iterations ago, who knows nothing about their particular animation / rigging system, or the business / budget constraints, chiming in just for the sake of it. If he worked there currently or worked on a next gen version of AC, I'd trust his opinion, but otherwise it just seems like holier-than-thou shitflinging.

        EDIT: Not that I don't agree it's not a great reason, but I just think that ND guy isn't really in a place to be commenting on it.

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          It's not just the naughty dog guy saying it either though, there's quite a few people from other studios. And maybe he does know something .

    Pfft, everyone knows bears are easier to animate than women.
    Female bears though, thats something else.

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