GTA V Looks Better On PS4 — Or At Least The Trailer Does

GTA V Looks Better On PS4 — Or At Least The Trailer Does

Now that the inevitable has happened and versions of Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, PC and Xbox One have been announced, it’s time to discuss what’s on everybody’s minds: how’s the 2014 version going to look? Pretty good if the trailers are any indication.

Digital Foundry spliced together footage from last year’s GTA V promos and the ones made to reveal the newest iterations of Rockstar’s hit game. The upgrades are obvious, with more details, cars and people showing up in the PS4 and Xbox One trailers. GTA V already looked impressive on the last-gen machines but these comparison clips make the new-gen version look almost like entirely different games.


  • I was expecting to be underwhelmed, but that looks amazingly better. It feels almost like the movie is on the left, and the computer game on the right. I’m impressed.
    Apart from the graphics fidelity uplift, the extra hustle and bustle really makes it feel real.

  • That’s a huge difference, really lovely to see. I was hoping for something similar from The Last of Us, but it looks like that one will be more of a straight port.

    Still, I’m very impressed with the engine in general and what they managed to pull off on last generation consoles, an amazing accomplishment.

  • Can’t wait to see it all maxed out on a high-end PC! Hopefully though it is a significant improvement. Watch_Dogs was supposed to be, but it’s not really that impressive….

  • I can’t justify paying full price for it again, but if I can get a cheap PC key then I might buy that then trade in my PS3 version.

    • Steam sales will bring it down eventually, and it’s possible you’ll even be able to bring your save data across to the PC version (single player and GTA online). Confirmed for last gen to current gen cross platform, so there’s shouldn’t be a reason that it won’t also work to the PC.

    • That’s what I aim to do. Screw paying full price again for what’s essentially a graphical update. Better off getting it on PC for a low price then porting over my Xbox character.

  • So the important question is how does this compare to max/ultra/superduper settings on a PC?

    I’m pretty much sold on getting it again and then probably again on PC for the mods when it’s cheap in a Steam sale but my graphics card needs upgrading before it’s worth doing that.

    I wonder if the increased traffic will be all around the clock though. It’s make missions like chasing the boat thieves much harder

    Obligatory Watch Dogs comparison, this looks like the original trailers for Watch Dogs before it seemed to get downgraded

  • As if driving chase missions through that damn traffic wasn’t bad enough the first time.

  • What i heard is that R* was making a PC version from the get go and that the PS4/ Xbone versions are built on the PC foundations.

    I always got the sense that GTA V on last gen had to be cut down, it was still amazing what they pulled off and was a great send off piece. I think now R* can release something probably closer to what they imagined GTA V would be.

  • Man I hate this.Yes the PS4 version looks better… But why do they have to bias their shots by so much!!!! In almost every scene the PS4 version has a slightly different angle or just plain more positioned on screen to look at. The shot of the sharks for instance, the PS3 version has a dead shark while the PS4 one has about 6 sharks, tell me how that is fair!

    • I don’t think the angle is relevant. PS3 likely doesn’t have enough power to have that many sharks / artifacts on screen at one time. Same as the train scene where no smoke is coming from the chimney stacks on PS3, but it is on PS4, (Plus the billboard in the background getting lit up and a bunch of other little things that would have been sacrificed so it ran smoothly on last gen).

      • Please, I am sure the PS3 could render 6 sharks. The lightning and smoke I have no problem with. It’s just the ideal timing that all of the PS4 shots were taken at compared to the PS3 version. Even at around 3:50 you see a shot of the road with a man walking down the sidewalk, the PS3 version just has a dog while the PS4 version has a group of people hanging around some parked cars with plenty of traffic and headlights going by… This is not to discredit that the PS4 version looks better, but it is just that the shots seem to be manufactured in a way to exaggerate these improvements and make the PS4 give the impression that it’s even bigger of an improvement than it actually is. With that said though of course I am going to buy it and expected this version to come out and look like this, but I just don’t like how this is going to mislead people into thinking this will be a completely new experience, when really… the graphics settings have just been turned up from medium to high.

        • I’m sure it could render 6 sharks too, but maybe not at the same time as all the other stuff going on. It’s not unheard of for games to make similar sacrifices where less detail is shown so that it can run on older hardware.

          Either way, the sharks were just an example. Theres additional artifacts in every comparison shot. e.g. Showing grass on the hills instead of flat textures on the PS3 version.

          • Yes that is true. The PS4 can render more things such as grass. But I am talking about physical objects in game not just effects or scenery. Maybe they could do this, but to me changing the amount of objects such as people, cars or animals is something which changes gameplay which I don’t think is the point of a HD remaster. Also still I don’t think any of the PS4 scenes showed an impossible number of objects on screen. It should have been possible to make the footage recorded of the PS3 version much closer to the PS4 one, less some graphical polish. But they didn’t and instead had footage which seemed to favour the PS4 version making things look even more interesting, hence why I am claiming this seems biased.

          • “Also still I don’t think any of the PS4 scenes showed an impossible number of objects on screen. It should have been possible to make the footage recorded of the PS3 version much closer to the PS4 one, less some graphical polish”

            I agree, but I think you still miss the point I’m trying to make. They could definitely keep all the same amount of things on screen, but it wouldn’t look as nice, or probably even nearly as good as it does on PS3 already. They would have to sacrifice quality for a larger number of on screen items. Look at the driving scene for example, there are far more cars on the road on the PS4 version because it is capable of displaying more objects. If you don’t want to use lighting and effects as an example, physical object examples are abundant in the clip aswell.

            It’s like on Watch Dogs, for example, the ps3 version you see cars spawn out of nowhere (Just like older versions of GTA did), yet on new gen consoles or PC this doesn’t seem to occur because the draw distance is longer, they can fit more things on screen etc.

  • This sort of crap honestly isn’t necessary. I know Kotaku is getting more Sony oriented every day but inciting clickbait flamewar crap like this doesn’t present much in the way of non-bias journalistic integrity.

    C’mon Kotaku, you’re better than this. Quit the gutter trolling clickbait crap.

    • So, just to be clear… you DON’T think the PS4 version looks better than the PS3 version based on what’s shown here?

      • I wish you Sony fanboys would get a life and stop trying to start a flame war with the Sony fanboys who happen to enjoy the PS3 version.

      • the title said it looks better on ps4, i assumed against xbone. I think that’s what he’s getting at.

  • The only question interested in with this is will the GTAO player count increase from 16 with the more powerful machines?

  • Am i the only one that thinks that releasing footage in extremely low framerates is a stupid idea? If you have the footage at full speed, release it at full speed! if you don’t and the game is actually running at 10fps, don’t even bother.

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