Head To The Mobile Arcade And Support The Make A Wish Foundation

Raising awareness of issues is difficult, even it involves something as great as the Make A Wish foundation and the issue of children with life-threatening medical conditions. The solution? Easy. Build a mobile video game arcade and take that baby on tour.

Said mobile video game arcade has a ridiculous amount of retro games for you to check out. Including...

Ms Pacman Galaga Donkey Kong Dig Dug Centipede Arkanoid 1943 Super Breakout Street Fighter II

And that's just some off the top of my head. There are also pinball machines. When is the last time you played a goddamn pinball machine?

The event takes place tomorrow from 10am until 3pm at The Cinema Plaza, in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park. The Make A Wish Foundation is a pretty great cause, considering all it does for kids struggling with life-threatening medical conditions. Well worth supporting if you have spare time tomorrow,


    Double the feels; sick kids and retro video games.

    Since it wasn't mentioned in the story, this seems to be in Sydney. A pretty important piece of information if you were thinking of attending.

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