Humans Are Paying Real Money To Help Rock Simulator

Humans Are Paying Real Money To Help Rock Simulator

To most folks, Rock Simulator 2014 is an internet joke. To some, though, it's an opportunity to throw some cash at the way of the game's "development team".

An IndieGoGo campaign for the project/joke set itself a rather modest target of $US500, and has already gone past it. That doesn't sound like much when compared to real games, but those contributing to Rock Simulator's development know they're in on the joke.

Seven people, for example, have paid $US5 for "a personal message, along with a picture of a rock via email!" Twelve savvy collectors have donated $US15, and will in turn receive an actual rock. Six people have paid $US30 for two rocks. Three kind souls have even kicked in $US50 to not only receive three rocks, but also a note in the credits.

Note that no reward tier will actually get you a copy of the "game", because it's intended to be free-to-play. The fundraising campaign was just to clear the $US100 cost of getting the game on Steam's Greenlight, with "leftover funds [going] directly into the development of the game".

To celebrate, there is now a trailer. It is everything you would have expected it to be.


    I dont understand why someone working a 9-5 job would want to waste their money on this garbage?

      They're a Geologist?

        Even geologists would find this useless... surely a geophysical graphing suite would be better, or a mineral encyclopedia.

        Personally I think this game looks magnificent despite me geological background I swear!

    Hey remember when Goat simulator was just a joke O_o

      In a way, it still is. Just a slightly more elaborate one.

    I know it's a joke and all but...putting it on steam? Really?
    I made a Tree Simulator in just under an hour.
    Play it here:

    Can I get some greenlight?

      Sorry, dude, beaten to the punch.

        Are people actually buying that?

          I seriously hope not. Although in a way I did... it was part of a cheap bundle I bought, so technically I gave this guy 10 cents (minus the bundle site fee). I still regret it. In my defense I didn't buy it for this game.

          I installed it to see if it was what I thought it was. And it was. So I uninstalled it straight after.

    Damn. I yet again spent too much time contemplating an idea instead of diving in and it was stolen from under me. I'll never be rich and/or famous at this rate.

    I wonder if we'll see DLC such as moss addon (not available for rolling stone missions naturally).

      I'm waiting for the inevitable 2015 update. This has all the hallmarks of an annual franchise.

    Perfect game to play while stoned. *rimshot*

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