A Rock Simulator Game You Can Play, But It Will Hurt You

A Rock Simulator Game You Can Play, But It Will Hurt You

While the world (and financial backers) anxiously await the release of Rock Simulator, developers VAMflax have stolen a little thunder by releasing a rival game that’s already playable.

It’s called VAMflax Rock And Field™, and is about as fun as it sounds once you work out it’s both about a rock and paying “homage” to Track & Field, a game whose button-mashing controls were more torturous than actual track & field.

Rock And Field has an interesting control scheme. Your smashing of buttons doesn’t actually do anything to the rock, potentially leading the player to suspect that their actions aren’t resulting in actions. The rock isn’t going to do anything. You are simply breaking your keyboard in order for the rock to continue existing.

Is this the struggle that all rocks face? Do we write them off as lifeless blocks, ignore them in our daily lives, oblivious to the fiery and constant struggles going on inside them just so they can keep being them?

Maybe. You can download it on both PC and Mac here. (via IndieGames)

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