In This Playthrough Mario Will Drown On Dry Land

Mario can't breathe underwater. Everyone knows that. He's a human being for christ's sake. But for arguments sake, let's say he could. And let's say he was like a weird human shaped fish and slowly drowned when he was on dry land. What would that look like? Oh god, my whole world has gone topsy turvy!

YouTube video game people Jim and Nath are currently on a mission, they want to try and finish Mario 64, but with a twist. Mario slowly dies as though he's underwater when he's on dry land. The only way he can regain his health is — ironically — to go underwater.

This make zero goddamn sense and it's super claustrophobic to witness but, for some reason, I can't stop watching.


    Dang it Mark, I sat there and watched all of them. All the Mario 64 ones, I mean. I liked episode 4, when they revealed the secret twist.

    Those two are like a friendlier, Australian version of Game Grumps who possibly swear more (comes with being Australian).

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