We Drove Mario Kart 3D Through Land, Sea And Air For You

We Drove Mario Kart 3D Through Land, Sea And Air For You

I checked out some of the new features of Mario Kart 3D at the Nintendo booth today. In addition to looking pretty, partially thanks to Donkey Kong Country Returns developer Retro Studios, the 3DS version adds customisable vehicles, flying sections and “underwater driving”.

Mario Kart 3D will be out some time year.


  • Was a bit unsure about this after seeing the gliders on the karts, but knowing that Retro are behind this I know its gonna be great:)

    • I wouldn’t be too worried. Retro have done a great job of making the gliding and underwater segments feel very natural. It adds a new dynamic, but you still have the same sort of control over your kart.

      I guess I may not be the best judge, as I haven’t bought a Mario Kart since Nintendo 64, although I’ve played plenty of the DS version with friends. Whether I buy this game will probably depend on whether my friends also pick it up. But, playing it today, confirmed for me that it will probably be a pretty solid entry for fans of the series.

      Yikes! With my last two replies, I’m sounding like a Nintendo fanboy. Quick! Point me in the direction of an Xbox article.

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