It's Super Mario World Almost Literally Popping Out Of Your Screen

I say almost literally because of course it isn't actually popping out of your screen, but it's close enough. This man has taken the Super Mario World map and he's transformed it into a 3D living piece of art. I want this. Seriously. I'd buy one of these and hang it on my wall. It looks incredible.

I'm finding it really difficult to describe exactly what this thing is or what it looks like, so I'm just going to post this pic:

And these ones...

You can find more pics over here. I love Super Mario World, and I feel like I know this world so well. What an incredible reinvention.

Via Reddit


    Literally.... I now hate this word; we've killed the language so much that Oxford has had to mention the incorrect use of this damned word in the dictionary. To me, this title means that Super Mario World will, in reality, get over half way out my screen that is right in front of me; which, is quite impossible.

    Reminds me of a run of iconic album covers done in this style from a couple of years back. I've got the Master Of Puppets one proudly hanging on my wall to this day.
    This would look nice next to it, for sure.

    That's pretty cool. It'd also be a relatively simple DIY project for the moderately crafty.

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