New Fighting Game Character Spoils Popular JRPG

New Fighting Game Character Spoils Popular JRPG

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is one of the new Persona games coming out later this year. The sequel to Persona 4 Arena, the new game is adding new features and new characters. One of which completely spoils the original JRPG.

In this week's issue of Weekly Famitsu, Persona series developer Atlus revealed some of the latest character additions to their new fighting game sequel. From Persona 3, the dog, Koromaru and the young boy, Ken Amada will be added to the roster. Amada will be portrayed as an older, junior high school version.

One more additional character from Persona 4 was announced as DLC, and the information about him pretty much spoils a major plot point of Persona 4.

Spoiler alert!

Seriously, if you've never played through Persona 4, you're not going to want to read beyond here. Trust me. Turn back and go play one of the best JRPGs ever.

New Fighting Game Character Spoils Popular JRPG

The overarching plot of Persona 4 involves a series of murders. The story pretty much starts with the mysterious death of a TV announcer. From there, the protagonists work together to try to find and stop the phantom serial killer. Pretty much 3/4th of the game is spent trying to prevent further murders and hunting down the elusive culprit. The Persona 4 Arena Ultimax article in this week's Weekly Famitsu completely gives away who it is.

The detective, Tohru Adachi is scheduled as a DLC character for the game, along with an Episode "Adachi" story mode that allows players to see events in the game happen from Adachi's perspective. There's even a premium "Tohru Adachi Edition" of the game that includes the DLC. If you have never played Persona 4 or haven't played up to the reveal, even without spoilerific imagery — of which there is — the mere fact that attention is being paid to this seemingly innocuous secondary character is going to raise potential plot-spoiling flags for you.

New Fighting Game Character Spoils Popular JRPG
New Fighting Game Character Spoils Popular JRPG

Yes, Persona 4 is a classic that came out 6 years ago. Yes, everyone and their brother should play it. Still, I don't think that means it's safe to reveal one of the pivotal plot points of the game. Especially when you already have plans to re-release the game on the PS3. It's kind of ironic considering Atlus' recent plea that people not spoil the plot of Persona Q.

That said, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is probably going to be pretty awesome.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is scheduled for release on the PS3 later this year.

『P4U2』に"足立透"が参戦決定! 『ペルソナQ』と劇場版『ペルソナ3』第2章の特集&描き下ろしイラストも!【週刊ファミ通2014年6月5日発売号】 [ファミ通.com]


    6 years? Seriously? I'm very curious as to what the statute of limitations is for spoilers, according to people like this. Is it 10 years? 15? Do tell.

    Edit: Opinion. If you haven't played the game in the last SIX YEARS, you probably don't give enough of a shit about it to care about spoilers.

    Last edited 06/06/14 7:23 am

    I think if anybody has the right to let out plot points about Persona 4, it'd be Atlus.

    Focus of this article is off, the salient points on spoilers are relegated to an outro.

    Atlus wants to re-release P4 six years on, that's the better half of a console generation, and more than enough time for a new demographic to emerge that would have been too young to play the game on its initial release.
    I don't believe their actions spoil the plot of P4, but I can understand why it could be construed as bad business.

    Not really spoilers when there are 2 versions of the primary game, a spin-off fighting game with sequel due out plus an anime series (with a remake one coming this year).

    But am interested in the DLC for P4A. Found it a very fun game but had no reason to go back after finishing it with most of the characters in such a short time period.

    I dont agree that it is a true spoiler. For the fighting game not to have the main villain, that would be a travesty. Also each playable character for persona 4 is a mini spoiler as you. Gundam games also show different versions of characters which would spoil their 'deaths'

    For fighting games it comes with the territory.

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