This Map Shows Where All Of The Marvel Superheroes Came From....

This map shows where the most famous Marvel characters are from

And hey, whaddya know — Pyro is from Sydney. I didn't know that...

But then again, I guess I'm not the biggest comic book fan. Still, this is kinda fun — a massive infographic that charts where Marvel superheroes were born. Turns out a lot of them come from New York City. We've got a few in Europe, but Pyro is the only one repping Australia from what I can tell!

The vast majority, as you expect, are based in the US but I was surprised by just how many were from other countries. I'm guessing a huge amount of them are 'bad guys' playing on Xenophobia and the likes.

You can check it out below.

This map shows where the most famous Marvel characters are from

Via Gizmodo


    The title says all of the marvel of superheroes, the map however has around 70 (which aren't all heroes).
    How could you lie to us like that ?

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    We've got the Reavers as well, a gang of cyborgs, usually hanging out with Lady Deathstrike.

    We've also got two Aboriginal heroes, Gateway and his relative(I think maybe his grandson?) Manifold, who is currently on the Avengers team.

    As soon as I saw Juggernaut...I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!

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    Bishop is half-Australian.. if that sorta counts?

    I remember reading some X-Men comic where they picked up some mutant from Perth or Gold Coast with 3 faces.

      3 faces? Sure they weren't from Canberra?

        How bout a monkey with 4 asses

    They forgot Gateway, Dreamguard and Manifold, to name a few. There's also Lifeguard and Slipstream, two Australian (former) X-Men. Also, Bishop is technically Australian as well - even though Australia got nuked a day before they left.

    what about Alpha Flight, with Puck and NorthStar

    Somebody should check the water in New York.

    Kangaroo is Australian, but he became a good guy and I can't remember his new name. Also from memory he may have died in Ends of the Earth.

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