Agitha And Her Vicious Butterfly Horde Take On Zelda: Hyrule Warriors

Agitha & Her Vicious Butterfly Horde Take On Zelda: Hyrule Warriors

Beware the nice ones. In Zelda: Twilight Princess, Agitha is a sweet 10-year-old girl who sends you on a quest to collect some shiny Golden Bugs for her, and mercilessly crushes her foes with her Parasol of Doom and an array of bug-based magical spells.

The constant psychotic innocent giggling really adds to her... charm too.

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors arrives to Wii U in late 2014.

『ゼルダ無双』 アゲハ(日傘)プレイムービー [Koei Tecmo@YouTube]


    That voice is just....awful. Hope the english one is better.
    Edit: Missus put it best. "Way too over the top with "trying to be cute"".

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      I'm sorry, have you heard of Japan?

        Which means they can do better. Yes, you can have characters sound cute, but the sounds they make also needs to sound as powerful as the attack they're doing.

          I play as baby daisy in mk8.

            And? There's a big difference between a Kart game and a fighting/war game.

      I hope so, too. Aside form the voice being "trying to be cute" it also has no power behind it.

      A voice like this (Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) would have been better, though maybe with a little less malice:

    Dynasty warrior games are horrible, buy this and you will regret it.
    (Unless you are a fan of RSI or the boring gameplay of dynasty warriors)

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      The fact that they keep being made and people keep buying them shows that many people enjoy them, so... y'know?

        Yeah, or that they're only popular in Japan and there is so little dialogue and menus it takes like 20 seconds to localize them for any other country.

          That orrrrr we enjoy them? You don't but we do. *gasp* different game tastes? say it isn't so!

            Yeah but millions of people who like Zelda and havn't played Dynasty warriors are going to be tricked into buying it.

            You may like it, but it's a niche as hell game.

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              There's absolutely no trick here. They've made it pretty clear from the start that this is a Dynasty Warriors-esque game with a Zelda flavouring. At no point have they tried to hide this, or the fact that it isn't the next game in the 'main series'. If people are dumb enough to buy a game like this without even looking at the back of the box, it's really on them if it isn't their cup of tea.

              You're more than welcome to dislike a series like Dynasty Warriors. Games aren't meant to be everything for everyone. But I'm pretty confident that as someone who doesn't mind a Dynasty Warrior game or two, I wouldn't regret buying Hyrule Warriors despite your blunt feelings on the matter. Thankfully your opinion isn't the only yardstick on what constitutes a good or bad game.

              There's a reason why it's called Hyrule Warriors. Same with Link's Crossbow training. They're not Zelda games, but only use the name and skin to try and sell. There's only a potential for mix up in Japan, but considering how there's a big massive word for "Musou" underneath Zelda, most Japanese gamers would understand it's a Musou or Warriors game just like Gundam Musou.

    Good grief. I am a pretty big Zelda fan, and I am really starting to think this game is not for me. :/

      Because this is a Musou (warriors) game with a Zelda skin on it, not the other way around.

    I hope they preserve the Japanese voice acting in the US/EU versions.

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