And The Most Unexpected Launch In Kerbal Space Program History Award Goes To...

Dayshot: And the most unexpected launch in Kerbal Space Program history award goes to... Space_Scumbag. No rocket launches when Gypsy Danger is around.

Not today by Space_Scumbag [via r/KerbalSpaceProgram]

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    WTF? A video would've been far better... but eh.

      Here you go matey!
      edit - I REGRET NOTHING!

      Last edited 01/08/14 12:24 pm

        Was that supposed to be funny, because I found it so

          Was funny yes. Pity about all the sad sacks around here!

          Last edited 01/08/14 12:24 pm

        If I wanted to google the content for articles on the internet I'd be a writer, not a reader.

      Wow, so many downvotes! Provide a cheeky link and thats the love I get!
      Think I'm gonna cry. Hah, try to moderate my comments.

      Last edited 01/08/14 12:23 pm

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