Community Review: The World Cup

The dust has settled. Australia put up a good showing, but still managed to lose every game. England were hilariously bad. Brazil got beaten 7-1 in the most ridiculous match I've ever seen and Germany ended up winning the trophy. Since we have no new games to discuss — why don't we review the 2014 World Cup?

I've been watching The World Cup since 1990 and I can honestly say that the 2014 World Cup has been the best that I've witnessed in my lifetime. In terms of the drama, the goals, the matches — everything — I believe it delivered in a very big way.

Personally, I loved watching the USA. I feel as though that team delivered the best moments of the competition for me. Perhaps it was the engagement of my American friends on twitter, perhaps it was the joy of so many people discovering football for the first time, but it just felt like a major event each time the US team walked onto the pitch.

Their style of play complimented this. The team played directly, passionately and moved like anything was possible. There was nothing predictable about their pattern of play or their matches.

My favourite goal? Probably a toss up between Tim Cahill's scorching Van Basten-esque volley or James Rodríguez's spectacular blast into the top corner. Honorable mention to Lionel Messi's brilliant curler against Iran in injury time.

In fact, my only qualm about this year's World Cup was the final itself. I would have loved a more adventurous team like Columbia to make it all the way. In fact, it was a shame that none of the surprise packages of the tournament went further. But still — greatest World Cup ever. I'll be sad to see it go.


    >Ball got moved by foot
    >Ball went in net
    >People cry
    >People smile
    >Attractive girls in the crowd



        For anyone who doesn't know...

    Really great games, goals, no vuvuzelas, what more was there to ask for? Maybe Australia getting a win, but lets not dream too big.

    Credit to SBS for showing all the games in HD and having the live stream on the website and also mobile devices. Plus replays at decent times for when the 2am start time was just too much.

    Grats to Germany, thanks for the punting monies.
    Not the only one I'm sure, but picked 'em a long way back:
    pity about Belgium

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    My top 5 highlights of world cup
    5. Spain bowing out early
    4. belguim making a good effort
    3. Nomnomnomgate X3
    2. Brazil's absolute depressing humiliation at the hands of 2 european countries who have a rivalry with other european country (netherlands & germany)
    1. The calculating ruthless germans winning the 1st world cup to be won by a european country in south america

    Article upvote! My biggest wish was that Mexico held out against Netherlands, wouldve loved to have seen them go further.

    I really enjoyed the World Cup. Times weren't always convenient, but I managed to watch a lot of games. Germany deserved the win, but it would have been nice to see a team outside of the traditional European and South American powerhouses win.

    Highlights: Some brilliant goals; seeing teams like the US, Costa Rica and Colombia do well; refereeing was pretty great most of the time.

    Lowlights: Suarez (as a Liverpool fan I love him, and will miss his goals, but I won't miss his other stuff), Messi winning the Golden Ball (seriously FIFA? He wasn't anywhere near the best player), seeing teams struggle due to the heat.

    Overall: 9/10. Would watch again.

    Love soccer, played for 10 years myself when i was young, BUT the acting for free kicks makes the sport look ridiculous.
    And what gear was that guy on that actually bet on Germany winning exactly 7-1 to Brazil. It's like when people winning tipping comps that have no idea about the game they tip on, or women who tip horses because of the colours or the name. Dizzy stuff!

      With that guy betting on the Germany 7 - 1 win a work colleague pointed out he probably had a bunch of bets on a combination of results.

    Coloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooombia. /rant

    I already feel empty and its only been finished 4 hours

    I'm afraid to say that there were not enough women in the world cup.... Hey, I'm joking. I don't want to start another sh!t storm.

    Was good. Brazil got destroyed, which made me question what would've happened if the Japanese ref never gave them that penalty when they vsed Croatia.

    Im glad Germany won. Really good team. They deserved it the most.

    Amazing world cup! The only thing I would have changed was Germany winning... my wife is argentine and I like seeing great players like messi win on the big stage. Other than that I'm just really upset I have to wait 4 more years for this again. Good times

    Glad its over, looking forward to the end of the AFL season too and the peace that comes with it.

      I agree. About time we can sit down with a nice cup of tea and enjoy the cricket.

        The best thing about cricket is, hardly anyone I know follows it, it's like the off season all year round.


    There were pretty people to look at
    It's finally over


    It took to long to end
    It was soccer

      Could have been done in 1 week... play 10 games per day on 10 soccer fields AND DONE.

    Now I can stop getting up at 5 in the morning! It was worth it all to see Germany take the cup.

    I'm a relative newcomer to watching the World Cup, jumping on the crest of Australia's euphoric 2006 world cup campaign.

    I loved Germany in 2006 and thought nothing could top the drama, and felt happy with myself with South Africa 2010 being good but not necessarily as exciting for me as I'd hoped.

    However this world cup was my favourite, I think it's the christmas hypothesis that explains it for me. I manage a University fitness center and really got into the spirit of it with posters, streamers, recorded games, etc. and I could see the joy on peoples faces after a surprise result (Colombia!!) who I knew didn't necessarily love soccer before the tournament. I second @trex and say I feel empty... at least I have Le Tour to tide me over for a while :'(

      I had a nice win on picking the semi finalists at $15 at the start of the comp, then put everything back on Germany!!! So nervous with the final, but biggest win I've ever had, well done Germany!!!

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