Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos

Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos

This is an image from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Something looks a little different than what you'd normally expect to see in the latest instalment in Valve's online game about counter-terrorists shooting at counter-terrorists, though. No, I'm not talking about the heads-up display.

Ted McIlwain, a level designer at Digital Extremes, has been tinkering with a Lego-like map for CS: GO since mid-June, judging by some posts he made on the development-centric forum MapCore. It's just a broad idea for a single map, but looking at the progress he's made on the thing has got me feeling all hopeful for the sort of cartoonish shooter that Nintendo still hasn't made for some insane reason.

Since this is just a custom map McIlwain told me in an email that he's not going to be adding blocky assault rifles loaded up with projectile minifigs anytime soon. Sigh. At least we can still dream.

Here are some shots from the rough draft:

Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos
Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos

Slowly making its way towards the real deal:

Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos
Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos

...aaaaand here it is in full Legolandish glory:

Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos
Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos
Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the idea for a Lego-themed Counter-Strike has gotten much support from the game's wider community yet. Since McIlwain posted that last batch of images on Steam Workshop, it's gotten all of four comments, one of which was just another Steam user saying he was subscribing in the hopes that it would be taken down.

Don't listen to the haters, Ted. Risks of intellectual property violation aside, I will play this. I will play so much of this.

You can see more of McIlwain's work on Counter-Strike and other games on his personal website.

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    What's a "Legos"?

      They make pasta sauces....right?

      Seriously, how many US Kotaku articles constantly say Legos? It shouldn't bother me so much, but it does!

        *sigh* I know. "Lego" are like sheep. You have one Lego, or a whole bunch of Lego. Or many *pieces* of Lego. It's not that hard. But then again I have been known to refer to a single Weet-Bik. Or Jat. But it's ironic so it's okay.

          I often have a single Jat.

      argh... yeah this totally pisses me off when people (mainly americans) say "legos"...

    My Greek neighbour does that.

    "Bloody Melbourne Storms"

    "Are you going to Nelsons Bay?"

    "My grandson wants the legos"

      Lol! My dad (Malaysian), exactly the same. "I can't believe it cost 1 dollars!" or "It's just stupid bullshits!"

        At least you're dad [and drchickern's neighbour] has the excuse that their native language likely doesn't have a distinction between singular/plural in a verbal manner.....

          Did I hurt your feelings there edenist? Actually the Greek language has clear distinctions between singular and plural, as does Malaysian. Like, "Hey Edenist, you're a malaka," and "Hey Edenist, you and your friends are Malakias."

          Last edited 14/07/14 11:57 am

            No, lol. I'm from an english speaking, caucasian family.

            It's usually the case that for people that mix up singular/plural [where English is not their first language], that their native language doesn't make the distinction, so they generally don't have the concept formed in their head, verbally.

            I meant my comment that at least people who speak that way have this excuse, opposed to people who use the term 'Legos', who are just frustrating, haha.

    LEGO is an adjective:
    (Google puts this in a card so you don't even have to look through the website. Neat)

    Also "...the sort of cartoonish shooter that Nintendo still hasn’t made for some insane reason." You mean Splatoon?

    He's a game journalist posting on a website about Video Games why would he know about a Nintendo shooting game that seems to be exactly what he wants them to make? It's not like there is some huge Electronic Entertainment Expo every year where they announce these sort of things.

    EditL Meant to be a reply to @death_au

    Last edited 11/07/14 3:05 pm

    The plural of Lego is Lego, you uncultured mule log.

    This isn't particulary amazing, as there already is a community AWP map made of Lego structures (I don't know what it's called, I played it pre-workshop)

    I saw Legos in the title and knew exactly what the comments section would be like, and I'm more than ok with that. :)

      i find all these comments very satisfying

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