Some Footage From The New Counter-Strike's Beta

The beta for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive went live yesterday. Know what that means? Yup! People filming themselves playing it then uploading it to the internet so we can all see.

The footage is from the tweaked update to classic map "Dust".

It's... Counter-Strike all right!


    As essentially a remake, this game does look kind of intriguing. Definitely liking the new look dust!

    too bad we were on board with a spraying n00b

    yeah full of noobs in the video...

    i see that armor is automatically given at the start of a round? i thought they said they were gonna change it back to buy only

    the new map layout is definitely interesting

    The shop menu looks horribly designed for thumbsticks... god damn consoles ruining everything.

      Looks like you'll still be able to use hotkeys though - and who ever clicked in the cs menus anyway?

    Ok so Valve are going to make us pay for a new version of a game that uses:

    * The same engine
    * The same sounds
    * The same maps
    * the same model movement

    But, but! Uses new textures.


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