Destiny’s Hair Is Fabulous. Step It Up, Other Games.

Destiny’s Hair Is Fabulous. Step It Up, Other Games.

Video game hair rarely even looks acceptable, let alone this good. If you’ve been playing the Destiny beta and you’re anything like me, you spent an inordinate amount of time in the character creator picking out your character’s hairstyle. That’s because the coiffures in this game are straight-up fabulous, and even the crustiest ‘dos are still a head and shoulders above your average video game hairstyle.

I don’t know who at Bungie is responsible for the hair, but whoever they are, they deserve a raise. We players may only get to see our character’s hair when we’re knocking around the game’s home base, but we can go adventuring secure in the knowledge that under their helmet, our hero is looking super dreamy.

Human dudes look great:

Human ladies look great:

Awoken ladies look great:

And so do the awoken dudes:

Even the robots get hairstyles:

I have a couple of favourites:







The gauntlet has been thrown, other games. May Destiny lead us into a new era of fantastic video game hair.


  • Does anyone else feel a sense of foreboding around Destiny? There a just few little things, like Martin O’Donnell being fired and the amount of advertising being done both that give me an uneasy feeling. I really REALLY want Destiny to do well, for Bungies sake as well as mine, I fully support them leaving Microsoft, but maybe going with Activision wasn’t such a good idea…

  • At the risk of sounding like an impossible to please jerk – those look nice but the system is crap. They’re the same standard plastic hats that just happen to look like real hair you see in every other character creator. As hardware grows they’ll look better and better but they’ll always remain the toupees of gaming.

    That on the other hand is what we should aim for. Hair that works like the Spore creature creator. That’s what we should be telling other games to step it up to.

    • I’d tend to agree, i didn’t the the hair was all that either. Pretty standard really.

  • Really? Have they changed since the alpha? I made a male Awoken in the Alpha, and couldn’t find one that didn’t make him look “pretentious male model” stupid or “pretentious male punk” stupid. No offence to Bungie, but why no ponytails, braids or topknots? They all (dreadlocks nonwithstanding) look like something you’d see on the cover of Vogue. “Let’s go adventuring, just let me grab my hairspray!”

  • There’s really not a lot of options though… also there’s a total lack of facial hair.

  • I cannot say I agree for the most part. The female hair styles are passable, some even look nice however the male choices are distracting to say the least. Most of them look like they are straight from a Square Enix title, which to me sits at odds with the believable world Bungie has created. Both of my male heroes are now bald as a result of this visual contrast.

  • Character customization has never done anything for me, I would rather they just gave me a preset character so I can just play the damn game.

  • I thought it was actually quite weak to be honest. They were all too “pretty boy” and over styled. Where’s my messy chop, rough mohawks and poorly chopped crew cuts? I am a soldier, not a glam-rock singer.

  • I do like Destiny and the character creation. But if your going to have this great character creation how can you fail on something so simple as not having the option to rotate the camera to see the sides and back of your head. I mean that is truly an epic fail.

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