I’d Take This Fan Animation Over Transformers 4 Any Day

I’d Take This Fan Animation Over Transformers 4 Any Day

Using a modded Laser Optimus Prime and a set of Make Toys’s custom Constructicons, YouTube’s Harris Loureiro created a stop-motion action scene that’s far more appealing than anything Michael Bay could put on film.

Michael Bay had the Transformers for his movies over-designed to accent their alien nature and give them a more ‘realistic’ feel, which works for a lot of people. I accept that, but reject the idea that more cartoonish robots wouldn’t translate to film as well. Just look at this.

What Malaysian stop-motion animator Harris is using is a custom Make Toys Giant set, and the Make Toys Battle Tanker Add-On kit for what Japan calls Laser Optimus Prime and I call the recent reissue of Laser Prime, dammit.

Sadly the footage here is not complete. Harris lost some in a hard drive crash and had to sell the figures due to financial difficulties. If I had my way, companies would send him toys for the potential honour of possibly being included in one of his works.

Transformers StopMotion Attack On Giant [YouTube via ]

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